perfect placeAhhh… Perfection – a word that often creates an image in your mind of something grand and that only you know/feel and yet it may be difficult to express in words …

What is that elusive Perfection?

Oxford dictionary defines perfection as: a condition, state or a quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.

Hmmm? As free as possible from all flaws and defects….?

That is a nice definition that the oxford scholars give us, yet I have to wonder WHY would we want to get rid of our flaws? and what would it mean if we looked at Perfection in another way.

Perfection already exists, and in my opinion perfection is an EXPERIENCE/FEELING not a goal. It is not a fictitious future outcome.

It is an opening to what is present in this moment with a felt, sensory experience and an active participation with new eyes, without comparison to the past or any potential future.

Perfection can be laced with flaws and you will be in love with it, or it can be a flawless performance empty of feeling that will leave no impact on your being what so ever.

After reflecting on a topic of perfection for a while and observing others and myself I came to realize that perfection is a very subjective experience.

What I may consider a perfect hair-day may be far from perfect for a Vidal Sassoon Hair Stylist. You get the idea.

So why are we so afraid of not being perfect? We spend our time invested in what others think of us, rather then to honestly ask our selves what we think of us. We are afraid of getting shot-down before we even begun and spend our time comparing ourselves to an image we have in our mind – that sounds like madness…

So perfection is a very subjective evaluation.

Why am I talking about perfection? That is a more important question, why does it matter to talk about it?

Well I was discussing a new project – that you are now reading (Thank you kindly) and we got on a subject of perfection and readiness.

Words like ‘I am not ready’ and ‘it needs to be perfect’ were coming out every second sentence.  Words expressing lack of things that are necessary for the project to take place. Yet… When we looked closely at the basics of the project turns out we both have more than enough experience, knowledge, wisdom and necessary equipment to make it happen… So why aren’t we?

We both decided to create a practice for a month and see where this ‘lack’ of perfection and total commitment to our passions will lead instead.

I already know from my other projects in life that perfection is closely related to passion and love of something. For me a desire to perfect something is simply a desire to experience it more fully, to be immersed in it so totally that I forget about everything else – that is perfection, and in that presence I can rest completely.

Perfection is something found and discovered by grace I believe, in the direct experience of the very thing you wish to perfect. When you dive in you discover what are the things that uniquely you wish to perfect and as a result it becomes your art.

The things you desire to perfect are the very things that are your art of life.

So topic of Perfection is open – I welcome your insights and your reflections about perfection and what you consider it to be. How perfect is your experience of living?

Are you striving for something Perfect?

This goal-ultimate-arrival-zone perfection is a strong frequency for many of us, as it is closely tied with our upbringing and expectations that others had of us (parents, families, school, work)

In my work with Awakening Coaching, I teach you and show you ways in which you can free yourself from these limiting frequencies and as a result be present to what is without resistance and act from a place of deep knowing. When you know your True Nature and you have tools to live that embodied every day – that is perfection.


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