I am life, that force that breathes me and I make the decisions how it manifests and what form I give it. 

I have been contemplating my Vajrayana practice that I have been doing for so long now.

I feel that in the NewAge spirituality there are a number of “missing” factors.

  • Everyone needs human contact, some need more than others. There is a need within everyone to bond and connect with others and as a result purple gerberawe have become accustomed to speak of Oneness as constantly say “you are me” “me is you” and as sweet as it is and as intimate as it can be with certain people it is not something that we really are, what we share with each other is that pulse of #OneLifeBeat
  • As living beings we are the Same = we are all Life. Plants have life, animals have life, humans have life. There is the same force the breathes you and me. That brings us to Life all the time.
  • Each one us has a different and unique expression/ a flavour if you will of that One Life Beat
    – whether we are clear or not, the life is the same (this is the Oneness) the expression can be muddled.
  • The notion of Love: We like to think and it is a romantic and beautiful thought that all of this experience is love, it is all an expression of the life that moves through us, we can either infuse it with love or not.
  • We as human beings with human life moving in us, are not designed to be violent, we have that capacity to defend ourselves not to be deliberately hurting each other.
  • To practice committed spiritual practice we need to understand that there has to be a healthy ego in place. You can not understand the ego, work with the ego and do much more when you do not have a well developed ego. This means you have to have a proper sense of self. You need to be able to reflect deeply on your own what is truth beyond authoritative, group dynamics and you need to see just how impressionable you are.
  • Are you choosing your thoughts, or are they served to you and you are taking them for free?
  • Now you become a powerful creator/creatrix of your own unique expression of life, what is your unique gift you want to share and bring to the world, What is your flavour and your expression
  • This awareness of OneLifeBeat is your birthright and your responsibility. You need to take it with reverence and care.
  • True humility comes from reverence to life, from knowing how to actually walk in integrity to ones own life’s expression.
  • Love knows no bounds and it does not intentionally cause harm to others.


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