Awakening Coaching TV – Episode 3

Awakening Coaching TVOur feminine vulnerability, our capacity to express the authentic feelings and what is going on for our hearts is the best offering of love we can ever give to the world.

We are meant as women to be together and to love each other in empowering ways and yet often times we are hindered by our thinking mind, by the beliefs we have and by the stresses of daily life.

In this video I talk about the feminine shadow and the importance of co-creating and moving in the world from the sensual place of love.  A mature woman is a Spiritual Soul of every moment she is in, and of the places she visits.  A mature Woman knows how to remain in a loving conversation with other women.

When we are moving our love and are free flowing with our longings we are then really able to inspire positive change in other women, we are then magnetically pulling in the experiences of love into our lives and we are able to draw on our own wisdom that we have and are living. This allows for a natural connection with the heart where the mind is no longer dictating the heart what to do. Our heart is also where our core values live.

It is so important that as women we really learn to live from a place of Shakti Grace, a place where we are authentically connected to the vulnerability, honesty and sensitivity that moves through us. In that relationship we are then able to serve with integrity to everyone who is around.  This may mean that sometimes we may not feel happy or excited, yet our vulnerable heart is visible and open. Remaining open and connected to what the Buddhists call ‘the Buddha Nature’ is the best way to continue to cultivate compassion and inspire it in others.


love make love


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