Across all cultures when people show up doing what they are most passionate about, they naturally thrive, others benefit and there is harmony within inner being and society as a result.

Are you interested in a life that is fulfilling, where you wake up every morning turned on and on fire about your relationships, projects, life?

Then knowing what your unique gift is, is a very important part of this journey.
In each natural realm, every species organically and intrinsically knows its unique gift.

You do not need to teach or educate a frog to hop, a beaver to build dams or a bunny to burrow.lila alvarado photography

Except us, humans. We have been privileged with a mind and we need to know how to use it for the benefit of all.

Every living breathing thing has its own spirit wisdom and function, this is why natural environment, both plants, and animals, function so well. 

To know your place in the society, the gift you bring with certainty into the lives of others is very important in creating a healthy lifestyle as well as well as creating a healthy community.

People who know their Unique gift, never struggle with money. It comes easily and they know how to make it and how to share it.

They are not greedy.

When we are giving with awareness of who we are knowing our unique gift, we take care of and eliminate :

  • competition
  • jealous
  • martyrdom
  • unease
  • stress

As we are deeply aware of our vital role in the community/society/family and life

These people were born with unique talents and gifts and were known and are remembered for who they are – these are prime examples of Unique Gift in action.

Discover your Unique Gift

You were born with qualities that are particular to you

  • to who you are
  • your blueprint for life
  • traits, that no one else possesses
  • The qualities can be seen when we are deeply relaxed, clear connected and aware.
  • They also are very visible in situations when Life has pressed us down hard.

Over a course of 8 to 10 weeks embark on a journey to discover your unique gift

  • Help you anchor this gift in reality
  • With a tangible plan to implement
  • With follow up to how to do the work you were meant to do
  • Reconnect with your unique set of qualities
  • Learn how to bring them into your life

Through this unique process and practice we will work on your beliefs you have that limit your potential.

  • points of view you have that keep you stuck where you are not living your gift
  • removing mental obstacles
  • creating space for your unique brilliance to come through
  • cultivating practice time for the gift to emerge
  • Learn how to develop your gift and bring it into the current life

Fill out the Coaching Application Form and I will be more than happy to offer you a Free Consultation where we will discuss your needs and resources.


Image: Lila Alvarado Photography

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