To heal life’s wounds and scars you have to be with the pain you have experienced, not in a way of re-living what has taken place, in a way to see it for what it was and to recuperate your energy. Understanding our pain and wounds is an act of responsibility and maturity where we consciously take accountability for all that has taken place into our hands.

When we learn to be with what is (whether it is a present moment, a memory, an arising feeling) we are honouring ourselves (loving ourselves) and life itself.

When we learn not to repress what is coming up and label it as good or bad, we are with what is, with the reality and its many dimensions as they unfold.

First we realize that there is healing necessary in a particular area of our life.

Momentarily there may be an inner struggle of whether to go into it or to avoid it, when we chose to go into the pain itself we always emerge victorious.

Pain, just like anything else, is a frequency – an entwined frequency with its other extensions – shame, guilt, anger, sadness, anxiety, blame, indifference, disregard, revenge …

When we address each one of these threads separately we gently begin to untangle the pain and its attachments, pulling out the roots from our energetic body.

When I apply the 7 Pillars of Sweet Life to coaching and see where someone has been wounded in the past, I can better help to shed light into that area, liberating the stuck energy and freeing the locked up beliefs as a result client enters into an openness with life and the flow of energy in their life. Without comparison or understanding lightness arises and new thoughts enter, creating a new vibrant flow of energy. This is direct experience of healing.

Clients recuperate their energy in a practice I teach during coaching sessions. In this way a person is able to bring back the lost/scattered fragments of their spirit and integrate them anew into the present moment, as a result there is a greater sense of awareness and an end to a repetition of certain painful life patterns.

Once the pain has been healed we are no longer acting out from our wounds, we are respons-able to each moment and what is real and true. We see reality without our tainted glasses of wounding.

Secondly we learn to see what has taken place with gratitude as a teaching into our life’s journey and our own expansion – in this step many blessings come as a result – it is the ultimate ‘aha!’ to understand that these were the necessary steps we have chosen to undertake (we take accountability) in our growth.

Once we are able to say ‘Thank you’ the people/events situations with a sincere gratitude for what has taken place we have truly transcended the experience and healed.

~ Everything that happens in our lives is written in our energetic bodies, to heal we need to know a way in which out energetic body works and take out the roots of our pain with great care. When we put in the light into the holes where pain was before it illuminates our lives and we understand what happened and why, we are able to have more compassion for all who had gone through similar things. Using 7 Pillars of Sweet Life, I teach and show you how you can remove the painful energy and heal the unbalanced parts of your life, as a result you are open for each moment with your heart and less reactivity.

Todo que pasa en la vida esta escribiendo en tu cuerpo energético, para curar necesitamos saber la manera de nuestro cuerpo energético y sacar los raíces dolorosos con mucho cuidado. Cuando ponemos luz nuevamente en las huecos se ilumina la vida y entendimos que paso y porque, después pedemos tener mas compasión a todos que pase similar. Con las 7 Pillares de la dulce vida yo te enseño y muestro como tu puedes sacar las dolores y curar la vida que tienes para estar mas abierto a cada momento con tu corazón sin reactividad

artwork: conceptual spiritual body art by Nejron
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