It is no big secret that we live in a very masculine world. It is a world of achievement, go-getting, pushing, penetrating (markets, ideas, minds, societies…), dead-lines, competition… *I got dizzy just from writing this sentence*



Slow Down

As women, our biology is wired to tend to many tasks at the same time. In todays world it would appear that being very occupied and busy with never ending to-do lists seems to be an olympic sport. I personally have checked-out of that discipline a few years ago, yet every once in a while I get knocking on my door, what one of my colleagues endearingly calls a “Hurry-Up-Driver”. The Hurry-Up-Driver will tell me how quickly I need to get things done and that my life depends on the completion of these tasks. They can be small seemingly unimportant tasks (ex: organize my music library on iTunes) or bigger things (buy a table for the dining room), or cook my dinner, make my phone calls, respond to my emails… etc… Whatever is ON the agenda the Hurry-Up-Driver needs to have it done… best… yesterday. Now since coaching and sharing in the practices with my colleagues, I am well aware of the frequency of this Speed-Energy, and now after many Radical releases it no longer runs me, instead I can now notice when it arrives at my door with its stop watch wanting my attention… and I welcome it with a nice cup of tea instead… I don’t know about you, for me slowing down and savouring a cup of tea/coffee/hot delicious beverage, proves to be a better cure for the Hurry-Up-Driver than joining in the ranks of crazy runners holding their to-do-lists.

Here are some luscious benefits of slowing down:

1. You get to actually FEEL what is happening in your body (and life)

When you are not busy running around with your to-do-list, you have the luxury of extra time, time to relax, and to sip a nice glass of wine, or a nice cup of freshly brewed coffee and breath in a little more deeply into your hips and as you take one step and then the next in your day, there is a sense of being and living inside of your body, no strain, effortless being. Each one of us has their own internal clock, it is good to be sensitive to this inner clock and listen to IT. For me personally life is about working to live, not living to work. Slowing down and Feeling what is happening inside of your body is actually a practice that can be cultivated. When coaching clients I offer tools and tailor made practices just for you to help you cultivate a more relaxed, embodied way of remaining connected with your True Nature.

2. Enjoy the moments you have on this Earth. Money is a renewable resource, time is not

I still have to remind myself of that, yet it remains as true today as it was in the past and as it will be in the future. There are only 24 hours in the day, and with that in mind how do you chose to spend those hours: rushing and go-getting your tasks, or savouring each moment deliberately with joy? I prefer the second option, and although it take perhaps a little bit longer, in the end my freedom and my time are worth a lot to me. Over the last 8 years I have created my Sweet Life, and I would never turn the joy of walking up when I want to, how I want and doing what I love for the speed of the world. Living in Latin America has taught me that savouring moments is richer than the fast-lane of goal-getting.

3. You make the right decisions/choices/less mistakes

I used to work as a nurse for over 10 years, the most medical errors were made towards the end of the shift, when everyone was rushing to leave, or when emergency was happening. Everyone on auto pilot with scattered minds and errors that could have been easily avoided … just by slowing down.

When you slow down at any time during the day, it is a moment of dropping into yourself, once connected inside, the choices we make and the decision that arise – are not rushed and forced, that silent pause you can take into the day to feel the sun’s warm rays on your cheeks, can be enough to have you realize that perhaps there are other options, other choices, or perhaps there doesn’t need to be a decision made at all… you connect with what is real for you and then from an aligned place you chose. There is less chance to make an error and in a busy world when you chose to slow down, you help others by maintaining your steady ground, with some sense of humour and a smile on your face you can relax into YOUR life, rather than taking on the patterns and energy of others.

4. You are less bothered with the little annoyances

When you are absolutely present and in your body – feeling your body, moving at the speed of relaxed pleasure, you have time to actually perceive reality fully and as it is – you are not responding from the reactivity of your conditioning and your emotions, in slowing down you have more time to playfully interact way with life, you give yourself enough time to take in ALL that is around you and breath into the moment without getting caught up in your mind and creating stories. You can savour what the experience is bringing you and carry the joy of it to the next moment.

5. Creativity Flows Fully in slow motion

In the mornings when I sit down with my freshly brewed coffee (with vanilla, cinnamon and honey) and my sage-rose tobacco (that I make) and I bless the day ahead and what I am about to do, I take a moment to slow down and savour the tastes, smells and sounds all around me, open to the grace of Spirit, The day becomes quite a magic show. I am not rushed and I feel and connect with my heart and my longings and I feel them … then when I open my emails and dive into work, I am usually nicely surprised by just how well the universe has listened to my slow downed motion…  You can feel the heart between your breaths guiding you, rather then the chatter of the mind…

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Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away. 

Artwork by: Vyacheslav Mishchenko

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