My neighbors left yesterday I believe. They are a very young French couple.

We are so lucky at 19 Grand Rue there are more than five apartments and at least 8 people living here. If it was North America you would think we are one big family, going in, coming out of the same huge front doors, driving in, driving out of the same huge doors.

The building I live in was built in 1947 and renovated in early 2015. It is a very German building, as it is Alsace and Strasbourg area. It is a very nice place and luckily there are only 2 apartments plus a really nice storage.

Above me are my neighbors. I feel sometimes like I have 2 children living above me. 

The energy speaks for itself.

With them being gone and me taking a necessary space for myself I am more and more aware of how we, as people impact one another. With our energy, thoughts, and words we are truly living a collective dream. 

The other day when I went for a long walk, I nearly sprained my ankle, I had a small panic as it is the same leg I have been healing since June,  an hour later I was on a call with a sister to find out that she did hurt hers a day before. 

These things no longer surprise me. They are the normal part of living.

practice-loveIt is in true solitude and retreat that we can really authentically connect with the essence and intimacy of the heart. It is also where we can strengthen our hearts. This is my favorite place (as much as I love people and sharing space with them) I find the real answers are within the individual hearts.  As an individual we are not as small as we think ourselves to be, we only need to learn to turn the light on inside ourselves and then to share that with others. Otherwise, we are  always under the influence of the collective. 

Love is moving me forward further along now and I am glad for the opportunities to be with people’s energies as well as to have the refreshing breeze of perfect solitude.

What really comes as a signal here is that we all need to step into conscious practice.

Practice that not only reinforces our existence and validates our existence but a practice that gently questioned the beliefs we are holding about ourselves and reality.

When we can really step into awakening and sovereignty is when we know how to touch on our relationships and share with them in unique ways that benefit everyone. 

Next thing that comes up is how we support each other. What tools and practices we use to offer supportive energy.

After years of practice what brought me a big realization was a workshop with Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche in September, where he said “You need to know which practice to apply when” – and here he was speaking of traditional Tibetan Buddhist Practices.

The practices are like umbrellas for the rain, you do not walk around with an umbrella every day. Practice devotion, to the teacher and to the inner guru. For me, that translates to practicing love within my heart, knowing when to share and when not to, being clear about my intentions, deepening alchemical skills of the heart.

It seems so simple, I have heard it before, and this time it made a lasting impact. What we practice, how we practice, when we practice and whom we practice with, all makes a difference in our lives and on the collective. 

Practice yourself into love.

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