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Ceremony Creator, Sacred Space Initiator, Medicine Temple, Musician.

Tara Devi Shakti had more than a few incarnations in this lifetime, always going for integration of Spirit, radiance of heart and inspiring light in others. With more than 15 years of weaving the tapestry of her own Spiritual practice, Tara brings balancing medicine to the moment. Honouring ancient traditions Tara [Aleksandra] is living a very full life. She was born and raised in Poland, and grew up and attended universities in Canada (Alberta) where she studied, Religion Studies, Sciences, and later graduated and worked as a nurse. Tara’s turbulent childhood lead her to pursue Spirit in many forms, always looking for wholeness and balance, as well as wild, mystical, heart-connected and feminine ways to remain connected with her own heart and the mystery. She was introduced to yoga in early 2000 and begun to explore this modality, this lead her to complete her Yoga Training and fully embrace the Yogini Path in her life. She run and co-facilitated yoga classes in Calgary and is a Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher since 2006. Yoga has naturally inspired her to pursue Ayurveda and complement the western education of Nursing with the Eastern holistic modality of Ayurveda. Tara is an Ayurvedic Life Style counselor, and applies principles of this ancient Indian tradition in her daily life.

For nearly a decade Tara lived in Peruvian Andes studying & living in a medicine community with various healers and shamans.

Tara has done many hundreds of ceremonies and loves to design, hold, maintain and create ceremonial space, Medicine Temple. She continues to hold ceremonies of different kinds, and loves the ritual setting, and creation of rituals. She plays guitar and djembe. She is moved by her own connection to Pachamama and her deep desire to help women reconnect with the sacred Earth within.

In 2011 Tara was inspired to bring more contemporary approach to her work with the medicine plants and she felt inspired to pursue coaching, in a way to bring stable awakening to modern minds, beyond plants. She finished her certification as an Awakening Coach.

Since 2011 Tara has been on a path to deepen even further the intimacy of her own feminine heart and to bring out the Inner Temple of the Goddess to the world in service to the feminine in all women who are ready to take the next step on their evolutionary journey.

Tara’s primary guide-ship in life has been the medicine plants and Buddhism.

She is a practicing Buddhist Priestess and is involved in the 13 Moon Mystery School

She coaches, mentors women in the Art of Peaceful and Compassionate Feminine living, she serves as a powerful mirror and sometimes a strong reflection to that which is presented. She is a fierce advocate for freedom.

Infinite Love

Tara Devi Shakti


I coach and mentor people in the Art of Peaceful and Compassionate living, that allows your inherent brilliance to shine through so you can contribute to society and humanity with your unique gifts in a way that brings you joy and empowers others. I show you ways in which you can cultivate greater equanimity with your mind, understand the language of your feelings and emotions, discover your unique gift and brilliance and bring balance to the body. I also help people rewrite their life story and show you ways in which you can take ownership of who you are as a healthy individual on a Spiritual journey of Life. When we have a well developed and healthy self – it is then that we are able to successfully practice other disciplines and modalities. I am honored to guide you and help you discover the treasures inside you. Uncovering the essence of you that longs to be expressed and cherished.

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Things that led me to where I am

  • I took piano lessons when I was a child ~ I play guitar now and I love it
  • Immigrated from Poland to Canada when I was only 13,  I hardly spoke a word of English
  • Worked in the nursing field for 10 years in various medical fields (neurology, medicine, trauma, cardiology, hospice)
  • Held hands of many dying people – contemplating impermanence quickly brings you to reality and recognition of what is sacred in your life
  • I have been teaching/mentoring/tutoring/guiding since I was 16
  • E-RYT200I have been practicing Spiritual Arts for over 15 years
  • Fell in love with yoga and the art of movement and studied with mostly Anusara teachers – yoga of alignment – Completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification with Trinity Yoga International – I love contact improv dance
  • Co-run a Yoga Studio for women (for 2 years) where I gave regular classes and offered 1:1 therapeutics
  • I run several ‘Running Room’ races 5km, 10km, and 8.5km
  • Was published in a Rising Woman Magazine in my Canadian hometown (2006)
  • Spent nearly a decade living in a developing country – Peru.  When I moved there I didn’t speak any Spanish (I am crazy like that)
  • Regularly hang out with amazonian and Andean natives for their intuition, earth-intelligence, balance, regeneration and love of the Rainforest and wisdom of the plants
  • I have a deep and lifelong relationship with the art of ritual and spirit
  • Engaged in Ayurveda as a way to bring balance to my kitchen, life, and body – I use and practice it to keep a calm and centered mind. I completed my Ayurvedic Training through American Institute of Vedic Studies. I share this guidance with my clients now
  • I have struggled with a chronic illness most of my life, I practice wellness and balanced life for living
  • I finished coaching education with Awakening Coaching as a way to bring wholeness and grounding to my spiritual path and authentic heart awakening to people who are looking to create and practice lasting changes in their lives.
  • I Took my Buddhist Vows in 2012 – Life changing experience – I have been practicing Buddhism: Vajrayana since 2007
  • Since autumn 2015 I live in Europe, France 

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