The work I do touches many lives.

I coach and write and support projects internationally.

Tara's Adventures (3)My Spiritual home is in Peru and I am involved there with a group of native people supporting the local economy and a school.

As this website is growing and expanding, funding is needed to help many projects going.

I will be sending out a more detailed report of the community and children and their needs in the coming months.

I believe there are enough resources on this Earth – including money – to make everyone educated and fed and housed properly.

As Tara Shakti International is in its development stages, any and all support you can offer is important and appreciated.

A tax receipt will be made out to you for your donation.

I send an annual report with the names and amounts of the donations made to the projects.

Assisting in a helping project in Peru
Assisting in a helping project in Peru
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