15+ Symptoms of Awake life

What does an awake life look like? Why would you want one?

Symptoms of Awake Life
Symptoms of Awake Life

Majority of us live our lives on an auto-pilot (including the so-called ‘spiritual’ folks). We spend our time trying to fit many ‘important’ things into the time we have in the day. If we succeed we temporarily feel satiated, and if we don’t we either invent ways to console ourselves or we suffer from unfulfilled expectations.

We do things a certain way all the time and unconsciously we are driven by a set of conditioned responses to life and our circumstances. We relate to most (if not all) of our life from the box of previously set up false rebuts. As a result we are surrounded with the same events all the time (different faces/places, and same issues). Sometimes it takes years to realize the same repetitive pattern we have.

What happened? We don’t we think of it as a problem? When we are asleep we do not notice it.

As humanity we are starting to remember who we are, what is our True Nature and we are re-wiring old patterns for a more loving and compassion filled existence.

We are learning to cultivate the capacity to authentically step out of our life (rather than just re-arranging the furniture in it) and to examine the patterns we have with a greater sense of clarity and radical honesty.

Once awakening starts to come into the place we slowly begin to realize that our life is happening in a much greater context than we previously considered.

There is a vastness of spaciousness in which our limited experience of life is taking place.

We begin to ask much bigger questions of ourselves and of life.

We begin to realize that there is something here aware of it all. What is that? Who is aware of these thoughts passing by, and these emotions arising and changing and flowing?

How does this happen?

When I coach people into living an awake life, most of them either wish to move beyond a grief or re-connect more authentically with their Source. Majority of my clients are at a cross-road in their life where they know they need a change yet they do not know exactly HOW to make it and how to get to the other shore. I have an inspired certainty that each and every person is an infinite source of their own resource, their own openness and gateway to realization.

I coach you to realize you are already home (all the time) and that your innate potential comes from learning HOW to listen to your heart, re-engage/use your mind in a healthy way and cultivate absolute presence. You always are your True Nature.

Through asking powerful questions and leading you through simple and very effective practices, I help you to reveal what has always been there and was obscured by the limiting beliefs and reactive emotions. ~ Maria Aleksandra

15+ Symptoms of Awake Life

~Basically why I am alive and what I share with the world. 🙂

People who live an awake life have a fluid connection to creativity. They see life as the canvas they paint, rather than a box in which they live. They know how to serve their creativity and are less concerned in acquiring knowledge and more concerned in serving humanity and offering their gift.

They have an increased sense of curiosity about life, when they observe a situation or a reaction of someone else (particularly in intimate/close relationships) rather than having an automatic response they can really look at things with a spirit of inquiry and a sense of wonder.

More humour, Awake people do not take themselves seriously – they understand the paradox of life and live from the freedom of entanglements in drama and patterns, they laugh at the mind and the stories it is capable of creating. They have healthy boundaries, and are open to unexpected miraculous surprises.

They have a growing sense of possibility – Awake people live from a place of possibilities, from the creativity that flows through them and the humour and curiosity, They are able to envision and invent more options for their life, ones that are innovative, cutting edge and inspiring to others, as well as enjoyable to them.

They are less interested in the stories/processing their emotions and wanting to understand their circumstances, instead they let the life flow, they are able to serve each moment with their passion and they bring great sense of value to the world in the service they offer. They get significantly less trapped, and hooked into the spinning monkey mind.

No drama, No Blame – people who live in and embody awakening have very little or no drama in their lives, they don’t waste their precious energy on it, they also do not blame the external environment/relationships/past/mystical phenomena for their circumstances. They see themselves clearly as owners of their experience and each moment. This may trigger others around them, as they do not get hooked into other’s stories.

Awake people have a significantly increased sense of compassion. They are able to maintain their healthy boundaries, take care of what needs to be taken care of while at the same time having a deep sense of compassion for the human condition. They understand that they are OF the human condition and that they are not chained TO the human condition, they understand and live each moment with an open awareness that it is a possibility for awakening. They live each moment with gratitude for an opening that it creates for awakening to come in.

Comfortable with Resistance – one of the biggest signs of people living fully awake life is their complete comfort with resistance. They understand that all life’s experiences place them in touch with variety of frequencies. They are aware that their expectations, attachments and/or fears create resistance to Reality. Awake and aware people open and welcome this resistance, they enter it with curiosity and know how to move beyond it. This is one of the most powerful signs that someone has broken out of the trance of life’s story and is able to feel, look and experience resistances fully and enter it to liberate it… other wise we spend our lives resisting things and running away from experiences that could otherwise create great opening for realization.

No desire to fix a particular state – following on comfort with resistance, awake people have a lesser desire to ‘fix’ themselves or their particular state. They are very comfortable with reality – they have cultivated a capacity to be absolutely present with each life’s moment and they are not only searching to cultivate ‘happy thoughts’ – they understand from a mature and embodied place that life is a totality of all experiences, and that there is nothing to fix, they are clear in themselves so completely that they are not taken out of their centre by difficult emotions.

No desire to maintain/achieve/defend their experience – from a place of Clear Seeing, life that is awake needs no defense, we see how transparent things are and with a sense of compassion and curiosity we relate to the world. They are able to accurately observe and assess life – they have a complete trust in their intuition and their unique gift they bring to the world. They are comfortable being alone and do not seek relationships and situation to ‘fill-in’ their emotional holes. Their relating comes from a desire to share and be of service rather than to make themselves feel better. They cultivate tolerance while remembering the ancient wisdom of the Earth

¡ Practice ! – they know how to shake up their lives, and when it is necessary. Their practice is inspiring them, designed to shake off the trance of conditioned stories, humorous and liberating. They know how to move their energy, with sexuality, exercise, prayer and other tools of awakening, they realize their optimal state of well-being in the sense of body, emotions, mind/intellect, spiritual evolution, and service they offer. They know how to best create that flow, maintain it and share it with others – their practices are designed to fine-tune these to allow more stable resting in their True Nature.

Connected to Nature and supporting the healing of Gaia (Earth) – Awake people live in as much harmony with the Earth as possible, they are conscious of the impact that they make on the planet and cultivate a sense of respect with life and planet’s inhabitants.

During Awakening Coaching sessions, I custom make each practice to your current state, to help you dismantle outdated patterns and to help you cultivate a new energy and a deeply felt sense of your own being. As a result you are equipped to continue to cultivate balance in your life in respect to any and all aspects you chose to focus on.

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