I just received an invitation to a tele-seminar that looked very interesting. It came from a good friend and so I decided to take a look into it. Most of the speakers on the panel were familiar to me. One woman I have not heard of called to me. Natural curiosity pulled me to listen to what she had to say.

fall pinterestThe language she uses was very similar to my own.  The message very different.

It brought me to an interesting reflection on feminine way.

Turns out this woman and I have the same amount of time ‘walking-a-spiritual-path’ with a lot of intensity. Resilience is something we both posses with abundance yet at the end of the day the perspectives this woman holds are startlingly different from my own.

It fascinates me how women operate in a masculine world and how we take on male perspectives, more over what effect they have on our psyche and life choices.

Last year was probably one of the most difficult years I had. Somehow I find myself resting deeply in my path and filled with gratitude for all that it has brought me. I find myself connected to the love that flows through my veins, and grounded and most importantly CLEAR in my heart and in my mind about what it is that I am doing here.

I realized last year that the choice is inside of me – I can either choose (now) to go bitter and mad about many circumstances and blame others for their shortcomings or I can make a resolve to remain in my heart.

I made a decision consciously and indeed blessed it with a ritual, that [Tweet “I will not go bitter no matter what life throws at me.”]

It was the best choice I have ever made.

Instead I find it of more value to re-connect myself and women to their innate innocence, unguarded playfulness and open honesty. It is so simple, that often it is overlooked and when seen by the dry-intellect, too innocent and uncomplicated.

[Tweet “Yet the simplicity of life is where we all will be taken, eventually.”]

The strength we need to gain as women is to speak what is real for us without engaging the outside in it. Basically to speak from within the heart/womb/ your root.

Looking back at everything that I had experienced not even once did I have a thought that this year was ‘horrible’ or a ‘doozy’. It was a year.

I see that the reason why I see things in this way is because I made a commitment with myself to leave suffering behind, to not engage in the sufferings of others nor my own, it takes courage, and more importantly it takes a recognition that suffering is a frequency – a strong one – that generate stories. [Tweet “We need to learn to pray and hold the purest intent of alignment with the light of awakening.”]

When we chose to leave suffering behind there is an adjustment period – where old patterns want to re-emerge and where old habits and ways of thinking re-appear.

Through awareness and conscious practices we can cultivate and learn a NEW approach to life, we can re-educate ourselves how to live in a loving, peaceful way.

Yoga of personality 😉 Moreover we can see that the depth of suffering we were able to hold, has its polar opposite of the depth of joy we need to learn to cultivate.

I spent a larger portion of my spiritual path as a warrior. Many people who had sat in my circles would often use the words ‘warrior goddess’. I used to take great pride in this, until I realized that this warrior attitude towards life is present because of the inner war that I had inside me.

Theresa (my medicine path teacher) spent great amount of time showing this to me in her amazing loving earth ways.

The work I do with Awakening Coaching helps me to remember what is a difference between a story and living from presence/love of the moment itself.

Feminine Buddhism allows me to rest in the natural great peace and trust all that Is.

I made a resolve to let go of the warrior. Not to beat myself up, feel guilt or shame – but simply to look at this role as a well worn out piece of clothing that doesn’t suit me any more. I share this with you because it is an important perspective, often when women want to let go of something they go about it in an old fashion of the pattern itself, only temporarily shifting a habit, where the deeper core of what has taken place is left untouched.

I see in some of my women clients this desire to ‘prove themselves’ to the world, to their mates, friends to have a feeling of success or a ‘win’ over something. Like seriously there is a something to win over. This desire in women to prove themselves to something (even themselves) is a masculine approach at a feminine way of living.

The thing is that truth is present in each moment and it is clear. When we realize the way of the heart it is quite simple and playful to disconnect from the stories that others have as we know that this is all they are – a story and an attachment or an expectation.

We have to realize that [Tweet “the way of the goddess is inside and pervades everything”]

It is not something that needs to be DONE, it is something that already is, what we need to learn as women is to discard the masculine principles/way and views that we have adopted as our own over the years. We need to re-connect with the principles of the feminine, of wholeness and sacredness.

Now my energy is focused on being connected with the Goddess, Earth and with the spirit of my grandfathers and grandmothers and bringing the remembering of who we are here on earth as a way of conscious living and awakening. When we deeply realize that we are a microcosm of this planet and that our body, mind and soul is in connection with the Earth and other elements the way to create a fulfilled luscious amazing life starts as a way of creating peace within our way. The way then opens up and guides us on.

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