Strategies to navigate through the realm of emerging modern feminine spirituality.

There are many ways to approach feminine work that revolves around spirituality.

Today we see women in different walks of life who are reaching both inwards and outwards to look for and find meaning, connection, value and a sense of well-being. They are reaching for books and wisdom, sessions and healings, meditations and groups. 

As women we are looking and searching for the face of a woman who will be our Spiritual savior, a guide.  We are looking to understand the feminine from a woman’s perspective, through a direct experience, through sharing and authentic honest connection that is based in reality. Old stories only serve us as a guidance and in today’s modern times and emerging wisdom we can only use them so far. 

Perhaps we do not relate with Jesus or Buddhas because they are men, and perhaps we long to hear the teachings of the Dharma from a woman. We want to understand the spirit through the woman’s body and how it moves us and how it teaches us, and what it wants to say through the woman.

Whether male of female, there is no great difference. But if a woman develops the mind of enlightenment, her potential is supreme. ~ Padmasambhava, pioneer of Vajrayana Buddhism in Tibet

taraWomen over centuries gathered and had an elder in their tribes to connect with, a wise woman, or a medicine healer who would be the guide and a resource in times of difficulties. Today in the modern life, these roles have been divided among many different women. Each woman has the capacity to be the teacher and wisdom holder of her lineage and her tradition.

It takes time, practice dedication as well as commitment to purify, clear and remove obstacles from the ego mind and to stay present with the reality and truth in vulnerability and care for something bigger, a world that is not just for you, and not just for me but a world that is for all a good place to live.

In understanding this we need to first tend to the inner fire of our heart. That means knowing how to be in solitude with our selves, undistracted by the modern days tasks, deadlines and occupations. There we find the healing power of what needs to happen for the benefit of all. When we really know how to be with our own wisdom and to tap into it, we are no longer tapping into others for resource. Our practice, Earth, the Sky and the elemental directions are the guiding light of our life. The path unfolds from within and we feel the broader picture, understanding that as we step it is shifting, we hold and maintain the space for transformation and from there we trust.

Here are some tips to keep you safe and sane.

  • Any teacher needs to be approachable, they are people so they have also their personalities and mood, and if you have an issue they need to be able to appropriately handle it. With all prominent teachers,  I have received 1:1 support without any issues. They are accessible. 
  • Watch the language they use, be cautious of language that makes no sense, expressions that are a twist on something concrete. Truth is simple it needs no defense. 
  • Ee careful of exalted respect for teachers, devotion is a beautiful thing, and then there should be no dependency. A student should be able to make decisions on their own and in their own way, if you need to always rely on a teacher for a decision that renders you incapable of living a sovereign life. 
    • If you cannot live without your teacher – that is an issue. That suggests a codependency and unhealthy relation.
  • If you are unable to open and be yourself around a teacher/mentor that suggests that it is not an appropriate person for you – there needs to be a relaxed sense of wellbeing and peace and presence with your teacher.
    • On the other hand, if you notice yourself sharing excessively that is the flip side of the same issue. Find a healthy balance with yourself, with the things that you actually want to say. Every heart has its own privacy.
  • If you are unable to relate with regular/lay people as a result of your studies with your teacher, unless you live in solitude on a mountain peek, these will not be of service to you.
    • We study the Dharma to be more integrated and useful people on this planet, to be of service in a way that is joyous and helpful, we do not practice to become more detached from society.
  • A teacher is understanding and compassionate and does not take things personally, they ask questions and know how to be and live compassionate life.
  • Chaotic energy – unstable and ungrounded – if the energy and work of a teacher affects you in a way that brings chaos to your life it is not the right teacher for you. We need to feel stable and grounded with the teachings of the Dharma and with the teacher as a guide and a doorway into the mystery that is you.
  • Be very cautious of sharing your intimate Altar images in Facebook groups. An altar is a very private space. If you have a general home altar perhaps that would be more appropriate upon proper preparation to share in a public group. a personal prayer space is your personal space and it should not be shared with anyone at all, for obvious reasons of energy and very easy access to your person. It is for a woman one of most vulnerable spaces to be attacked energetically. Be cautious.
  • Practice regularly, daily even for 10 min a day – meditate on breath, center listen to the silence that breathes you. Be present. Be Mindful.
  • You practice for liberation from samsara, for awakening mind and heart. You do not practice for your own personal benefit only. 
  • Remember that spirit is scientific and aligned with integrity. We are all here to awaken to freedom, love is understanding.

Infinite Love

Tara Devi Shakti


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