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Tara Devi Shakti is a bright light in the world as an emerging feminine leader and guide on the beauty path. She was a participant in a women’s mastermind I led and embodied integrity, heartfelt authenticity and a knack for facilitating our group when the opportunity was presented. In addition Tara is versed in digital marketing and web development. For those ready for integrated support in their business, Tara’s skills and intuitive wisdom will be helpful to navigate these rapidly evolving times.  

Rev. Dewi Maile Lim, Artist-Educator, Singer-Songwriter & Global Movement Coach

Testimonial Cindy

Tara is an amazing Coach who gives her all in helping you find your true purpose and what it is that you came into this life to do.

After years of feeling indecisive about an important project that I felt would benefit many families, I am finally forging ahead with it.

I felt extremely supported during the process of becoming “unstuck” and also during the times that I felt self-doubt creep into my psyche.

She was able to gently guide me to the other side of my self-doubt and actually made it painless, which encouraged me to push through many other self-destructive thoughts (a.k.a. fears) that were holding me back from pursuing my dreams.

I highly recommend Tara, not only because of her integrity, wisdom, strength and love; but also because, she has phenomenal tools in her “tool belt” to share with her clients to assist them in finding the true meaning and purpose in their life.

Cynthia K. ~ Atlanta, Georgia USA


I first met Tara back in the summer of 2013 in a healing workshop she was leading and immediately felt a deep respect for her work and personal integrity. She is a strong woman who is committed, compassionate and has a no-nonsense approach to living authentically and consciously that I admire, respect and long to express more deeply in my own life. In the few interactions we had had at the time, I remember how perceptive she had been in mirroring back to me my limiting beliefs and definitions about myself. I also remember feeling consequently quite threatened and offended by her directness, yet curious and grateful for it at the same time. The nagging impressions our interactions left on me, based on those reflections of myself that I didn’t like seeing, along with an urgent need to make important changes in my life, led me to choose Tara as my Awakening Coach. I therefore embarked on a 10-week journey of self-discovery and personal transformation, for which I am very satisfied with the results as you will see below. I’m very pleased therefore to share some of these results with you here through my testimonial.

We had six two-hour Skype sessions which we used to address more specific issues and release charged emotions relating to certain elements where I felt stuck.

With her insights and guidance and the work I put in doing the practices and releases she appropriately prescribed, I immediately starting noticing positive shifts in my life. The prior chronic feelings of sadness, guilt, confusion, discouragement, anger, fear and heaviness I was experiencing, starting giving way to feelings of enthusiasm, motivation, joy, peace, acceptance and lightness.

I have to admit I was somewhat surprised to start feeling results so quickly because I didn’t feel like I was doing much and my rational mind couldn’t really get a grip on what was happening, but the shifts were palpable, concrete and taking place nevertheless.

Simplicity, as I’m now discovering in hindsight, seems to be a hallmark of this type of coaching and trusting in the process is also a powerful ally, elements I both struggled with quite a bit in the beginning because of a need for control and not really understanding what this was all about. But, within a very short time (a few weeks), I found myself less caught up and identified with the stories in my mind and an absolute need to understand everything, and more identified with a peaceful sense of presence, trust and well-being, which I now thankfully have the tools to access anytime I choose.

As a result, my relationships with my colleagues at work, my friends and with my mother have shifted in very positive ways. I’m much less reactive and defensive than before and much more able to express my true feelings, which was one of my objectives and has allowed for much more authentic and nourishing relations. I now feel much more confident in my ability to respond to circumstances and situations from a more empowered and reality-based perspective, which to me, makes all the difference in the world in my experience of life. My ability to relax and be comfortable with the present moment has also deepened, which is a very satisfying change from the constant worrying, stressing, guilt and crippled feelings that I was living with before taking this coaching.

One of the biggest revolutions for me in this coaching journey was in learning to more easily recognize and acknowledge resistance as it manifests in me and to consequently not fear and shy away from feeling uncomfortable feelings in my daily living. That was a biggie for me! This single skill helped me transform previous experiences of repetitive contraction and fear to ones of pure presence, love, insight and wisdom through the simple, yet often overlooked, genuine acceptance of “what is”. That in itself continues to be a magical experience for me… being able to let feelings flow through me as soon as I recognize that there is resistance.

As a result, I now experience a greater ongoing sense of awareness, presence and peace and connection to my vital energy movements (feelings). It’s like finally learning to gracefully and lovingly live the reality of being human, an extension of life itself, with all the richness of feeling that it entails…. both the delights and pains equally!

That, to me, has been like entering a new world of possibilities. The other amazing thing and certainly no less significant, was to experience and recognize my true essence as pure awareness, which I found takes on a whole new flavour when directly experienced through Radical Awakening as opposed to just conceptualizing and/or philosophizing like was often the case for me before. That, for me, is a huge game changer and the ground on which all changes arise!

So as you can see, there have been many victories for me during this 10 week journey with Tara, but one that I will end here with and that I particularly enjoyed and know that she did too, are results I received from a quantum biofeedback session I did with my naturopath 8 weeks into working with Tara, which provided very interesting objectively measurable support for the changes I was noticing inside and out.

For example, prior to starting the coaching I was chronically dehydrated, now a few weeks later I was hydrated, my organism went from being acid to alkaline, the regeneration capacity of my cells improved considerably, there was less sadness and worry energy as expressed in my lung meridian and the many nutritional deficiencies I had prior to the coaching were now fixed. The stress indicators showing levels that were previously up had now dropped, my pericardium (heart protector in Chinese medicine) strengthened, which loosely translates to more emotional resiliency and the general fluidity of my energy also improved. Of course I don’t attribute all these changes to the coaching itself since I was also addressing some of these challenges with other modalities such as specific supplementation and diet adjustments. However, I am convinced, as was reinforced by my naturopath and Quantum Biofeedback technician, that the coaching I did with Tara helped considerably in moving energy in the positive direction that it did. To me, It’s all about taking a holistic perspective and approach and this coaching formula has worked wonders in affecting positive change and continues to do so to this day as I continue to put into practice what I learned and ride the positive momentum forward.

I therefore want to end here today with a special mention of appreciation and gratitude to you Tara for your commitment to this special work. Your unconditional belief in me and non-judgmental approach however, has tremendously helped in allowing me to find the confidence to address the aspects of my life that need to be looked at and to heal my inner child and start seeing my cup as half-full again, and of course, even much more than just half-full… overflowing! To you I send blessings the size of the universe and beyond, for that is the nature of your work 😉 I hope that others will read this and feel encouraged to embark on their own journeys of awakening with you as well and find their path back to their own heart’s love and the living truth of the mystery and miraculous flowering of their own natural gifts.

In Presence & Gratitude. ~ Michael Ionesco, Canadian Tennis Champion, Toronto

Testimonial Tara ShaktiIgnorant, skeptical, curious, and motivated is how I would describe my state of mind when I was first introduced to Awakening Coaching by Tara. By simple explanation, Awakening Coaching mostly made sense on paper, but my personal insecurities and self-defeating attitude could not compute how something so simple could change my beliefs and attitude at this point in my life of 45 years… It did that and more.
I’m not an overly skeptical person, but I tend to require a blend of practical knowledge and heartfelt trust and/or desire to really engage in something… Tara is a person of integrity so it was easy for me to open my mind to the concept of Awakening Coaching — when I hit a rough patch during one of our sessions, I was ultimately confident in her and the process, even if not confident in myself at the time. Tara brought clarity to words and phrases that were once foreign to me. She is wonderfully intuitive and spiritually wise to many things, but she also possesses a sharp business mind and focused approach, which was critical to keeping me accountable and motivated when needed.
There is nothing I’ve watched, read or taken part in that has had a bigger impact on my life in such a short period of time, than the Awakening Coaching sessions with Tara – and the best part of this is that I realize I have the ability within to do much of this myself! Living my best life is a true priority now, not to be overshadowed by my thoughts, the past or life events I have no control over.
I’m truly thankful for what I’ve learned about myself, the future, and mostly for taking advantage of the opportunity that was presented to me. Thank you Tara! ~ Mark Nishiguchi, COO Digital Media, Vancouver

Working with Tara has had an incredibly positive effect on my life. Her remarkable intuition and her ability to get to the core of the issues made me aware of things I didn’t even realize were there. She asked the right questions and had the right insights at just he right time. Because of my time spent with her, I am now more present in my life and have the courage to be more me then I’ve ever been before. I am enjoying working with my employees more and feel more open with my family. Her understanding, her compassion and her caring makes her an exceptional coach. I’m very grateful for my time spent with her.  ~ Chantal M. Store manager, New Brunswick 



I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet Tara 6 years ago in Peru. That, in my calendar is noted now as an auspicious moment. The first word that comes to mind when I think of her is love, the second one, integrity. The tools that I have learned from her have helped me tremendously in every aspect of my life. Her capacity to see through drama and to work with the core is amazing. She is like a chef with a sharp knife, cutting everything down to the truth. Tara’s heart is one of devotion. The care and love that goes into her work is palpable. Her charisma and energy are to be experienced. I walk much lighter knowing her and she is without hesitation the person I call on whenever life gets fuzzy. ~ Louise Fyfe, Café Lotus Bleu, New Brunswick

I should have been taught these Awakening practices in elementary school, I wouldn’t have these issue I have now! ~ Cindy R. ~ Vancouver

 Tara Shakti is simply an amazing human being.  She is always getting the best out of me and brings it to light so that I can see it for myself.  She shares her wisdom and her knowledge wisely, with great care, thoughtfully.  She is very professional is all she does, always gives the best of herself.  She stands for what she believes in, she is true to herself.  Tara Shakti is so full of life and light, and she spreads it around. Her presence calms me down and her laughter lifts my spirit up!  Goshhh can she be funny at times.  Young at heart, the child within stands very close by.  The world is such a better place with her in it!  Thanks for sharing your presence with the world Tara! ~ Katherine Lambert, Nurse ~ Quebec

Doing Radical Awakening with you [during Awakening Coaching sessions] brought me beyond emotions, beyond personal opinions, into a place of acceptance. It feels peaceful, still, full of possibility and totally empty…~ Veronique L. ~ Creative Artist ~ Quebec

Tara Shakti during our coaching sessions helped me become aware of stress and gave me practical tools to help me relax and stay present with things that come up in my life.  Some of the practices made me realize how I was judging people and how I was judging myself. As a result it helped me to reduce significantly this habit, creating closeness in my relationships and accepting others as they are…I am able now to accept and to show my vulnerability, and realize the benefits of it. I realized how close I am to my essence all the time and it was easy to connect with it.  I have now tools to build this relationship (with myself and others), to be more in touch with life to get more from life! ~ David G. ~Quebec


Thank you for yesterday, and for this past year. Your guidance has been astounding. I see patterns in how I feel afterwards – one day might be rough, but that is followed by several that are greater. When I look back upon when I met you a year ago, it amazes me how much I have changed. I am so thankful I was led to you. Not only have you reached into my physical ailments, but most importantly, you awakened me from within so I could heal my spiritual ones. Thank you for listening to my heart and teaching me to hear its voice. I am putting your tools into practice and am enjoying the rewards. Giving thanks for your healing gifts. Namaste. ~ Sheree O, Government Official, Calgary


Thank you so much. I have such gratitude for the insights and learnings. Many blessings to you.  Thank you for holding such great light, such profound love and such coeur-age (from the heart en francais) to expand and share this with the world. Blessings of Bliss ~ Alexina M, Naturopathic Doctor, Vancouver



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