I am sitting in my favorite cafe in Cusco, Perú about to enjoy [giving thanks] a wonderful potato leek soup. Far away from home, France where today they are celebrating Bastille Day.

figsI moved to France, really on a whim in November of last year. I was not really planning to live in France. I moved there because my sister speaks french and we both had to escape a rather tumultuous dynamic [more like a dead end] we found ourselves in Germany… after I was told that this is the best place for me to live. Yeah Right! 😉

France has proven to be many things and most of them good, I must say I enjoyed the time I had in France with and without my sister. There is something about the French, that just makes me want to get to know them more. After growing up in Poland and in Canada and living for a decade in Latin America I feel that having some sense of European magic and flair makes my feminine want to rest more deeply in its own soft center. I find French to be unlike latinos hot-tempered more refined and relaxed and more in touch with the sumptuous side of life.

So I breathe a sigh of relief for a small and lovely European home.

Today I give thanks to peace and plenty that I am and that lives me.

As Bastille Day commemorates the end of tyranny and a beginning of something modern and new, I feel like I am reemerging from the wreckage of many loves that wanted me and I chose not to go into. The places where I have gone into with love and heart that ended up trying to squander the flames of my heart… I bid them all farewell.

Because the real love lives always and has no attachment. I believe in setting free everything that I love so that what is really meant to be will be and what is not, won’t be.

As I sit in Peru, unexpectedly longer than I planned – I am daily tested to let go of more of the old and to step into the full feminine with everything in me. To uncover more the strength of my own softness while at the same time not allow anyone to abuse me.

Today after days of dealing with challenges as I put on a pair of earrings I was reminded just what an amazing implement a pair of earrings can be for a woman’s wellbeing. It was quite astounding and refreshing to realize the power of healthy beauty and peaceful grace.

When I can rest in the heart of my own feminine undisturbed by the moods and commotions of others I realize that peace always lives there and that now is the time to bring the best out into the world that so desperately needs to let go of violence and hatred.

In submerging oneself into the authentic feminine it is important to slow down the tempo of the mind and the grasping tendency of wanting to be anything other than grace, to move into the rhythm of one’s own feeling and momentum of life.

This awareness of the feminine movement within oneself allows to be able to distinguish and separate the healthy and unhealthy in others and allows for a proper healthy way of relating within relationships in life.

Through my practices and the Buddhist Dharma, I find more peace and compassion within the feminine that is me. The feminine is not one and the same, through the practice of meditation and other awakening practices we are able to purify the things that need to be purified. We become aware of when others infringe and we find ways that are peaceful to deal with it. We allow the feminine to reemerge from the piles of beliefs and conditionings so that she can feel herself whole and clean and new.

In walking the feminine peace & plenty intuition becomes our guide into the things that matter. Where I find Silence is the best friend.

Where beauty has her eyes on you and art of living emerges from the moment.

Remembering: People would do better, more kindly and more lovingly if they only knew how. So forgive and allow everyone to be a reflection of what they are. Walk in grace and in the feminine power of the heart, no not like everyone else, like you do.

Want to explore your feminine realm more and reconnect and rewrite the old stories into new paradigms? Drop me a note and we will see ways in which we can mingle and merge in coaching/mentorship to loosen the old and call in more light.




Peace and Plenty sisters

Tara Devi Shakti

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