I had a conversation with someone who pointed out that the direction I am taking is similar to others. I took that in and reflected this back to her:

“There are thousands of news publications talking about money, wars, economy and all the violence that goes on in the world, I don’t see anything wrong in joining the ranks of women who are empowered and who share awakening and living in balance with nature and all of humanity.”

Offer your gifts to the world
Offer your gifts to the world

I think the more we shift our attitude from ‘I am not good enough’ and ‘Well, there is something similar like that out there’ to ‘I have a unique flavour and a new angle on things’ is a much healthier view on life, adding value to the media and our collective consciousness.

Nourishing your dreams.

I coach women (and men) and one of the biggest challenge that people have are their fears of success and fears of not being adequate enough for what they want to offer.

I struggled with this some too, and there sure were days when I wanted to cave in all the way, yet there is something much bigger in living my path and sharing my voice that keeps moving me forward with what I want to share.

Somehow my feverish passion for Truth, Awakening, Spirit and raw-honest-no-game-living has propelled my life forward in a new direction.

I want to offer you some personal points that have worked for me about not-giving-up on anything that is of value in your life (+ an amazing book suggestion).

1. What is most sacred to you right now?

Go do it, research it, be it, spend time with it/them, sink deeply into the very things that are most sacred to you, it is your juice, your creative marinade.

2. What do you know and have in your life that is working for you right now?

You didn’t get here overnight, there were events, choices you made that got you the things that are working, in those elements is your pure gold, your strength and also your future tools for how to nurture your current dreams.

3. Who supports you without any question or doubt?

Make a list of people who you can always turn to when you need support, people with whom you can share openly about your dreams and goals, people who you know will not only honour them but nurture these seeds of success. Everyone else you have doubt about – be cautious.

4. Practice 🙂

As a foundation of my life and as an awakening coach, practice is what we do – ALL THE TIME. We are either practicing consciously or unconsciously. Begin to practice the things that are most sacred to you. If relationships are most sacred to you, see how you can consciously bring more awareness and presence into them. See how you are nourishing the relationship with yourself. If success is sacred to you then see how you are creating it in your life moment by moment. Where are you already successful? If health is sacred to you then notice how you are nurturing your body and your health, what are you doing to be/feel/do your health good. If creativity is sacred to you, what are you doing in your day to make time for it? What practices do you have in place that bring you into creative flow? What needs to ‘exit’ your mind in order to invite the creative flow?

5. Presence

Become 100% devoted to your dream/longing. Nourish your dreams in every way you can. When we allow ourselves to hear the inner voice of our longings and we begin to follow them with little questioning, miracles happen. When you become intimately present with each moment as it is showing up, you will be able to connect with the necessary curiosity about this dream and longing and bring it forward. Presence takes you out of the stories of limitation and doubt and allows you to focus on what you want to create.

6.  Let go of everything that does not serve you.

I had several moments in my life when I had to look at my relationships and really give them a closer view. As sad as I was and as hard as it was life was showing me time and time again that there is nothing to salvage and that I have to move on. Now looking back years later I am grateful for the choices I made. The things/people that do not support your vision, do not share the same excitement about your creativity and what you are bringing to the world are only a toxic pill you are taking every time you are around them. The price you pay for keeping this around is much higher than you think. If this means you might have to be alone for a while, so be it, but honour the deep voice of your own integrity and creativity that wants to be expressed.

7. Have a vision & intention.

It may be choppy, it may be fully detailed, having a vision is a key. It may only be a feeling so deep inside of you that you cannot name it, but having this is pivotal to creating changes and bringing forward your creativity and your own spark to the world. Write it down, sleep with it under your pillow, keep it on your altar, [Tweet “live with a vision”]

This is the best vision:igniter – If vision is something you want to develop and have not yet got a clue how it will manifest or what it is – start each day with intention. What do you want to do today? How do you want to create/manifest/share yourself with the world? Write it down, put it on your altar, speak it to the Earth. Just Do it. Even if you are introverted, you are still part of the world – how are you sharing yourself with yourself?

8. Develop a strategy.

[Tweet “Having a strategy about things in life is a smart living.”]Everything needs time – things need to incubate then action happens and then the wheels are in motion. Knowing this you have to give yourself time. Meaning the changes you are wanting to implement, the nurturing of your dreams is a daily practice, and you need to have a strategy for your days when you are wanting to cave in. See point 3 🙂 Point 4 will sustain you in developing and maintaining your strategy. When you take a span-look at your life you will see that you go through cycles, what are they, how long are they, what can you change about them?

9. Do not compare

When you see something in the outside world that you like or dislike turn that attention back to yourself. What is it that you are rejecting in yourself? What is it that you love in yourself? As well take in the external impressions and your inner feelings and experiences and place your attention fully on your own vision and on your own life, this will assure a happy outcome. What you have to offer is so unique, no one out there can offer it, or live it and share it in the same way, so focus on your gift and let the rest just be.

10. Be willing to offer your gift imperfect. Work with your resistance.

I hear many people talking about a perfect moment when in some fictitious future they will do something, yet the truth of the matter is we are always evolving and changing and growing, so our creations will also grow and evolve. What is most important is that we offer it, to the world as they are. This brings us the most and teaches us immeasurable things.

The thing about resistance is two-fold, you either recognize you are in resistance and tackle it, or you build so much resistance that it explodes in your face. In both cases change happens, the later is more messy, you choose 🙂 When coaching clients we spend time working with a tool called radical-release that helps to take the resistance off any point of view, this way you can liberate yourself from limited beliefs, tendencies and open to a vaster, healthier life.

11. Give yourself Gold-Stars 🙂

A very important point that can not go overlooked, [Tweet “you have to celebrate your victories, even if they are tinny and small”] or grandiose the inner celebration is a marker of accomplishment and allows you to do more with greater passion. I have found that every time I have acknowledged my success for something I did, it allowed me to move beyond it and do more, every time I undermined the importance of what I did, I found myself repeating the lesson – interesting eh? You have to learn to be your own cheer-leader, you cannot cheer on others until you know how to cheer yourself 🙂

So there you have it! Some points well lived on how not to give up on your dream.


+ The book I mentioned earlier,  I just started to read it. Made it into chapter 1.

I read a lot, nothing I read in the last years has made me cry. This is the first. I read the introduction and I am sobbing.
To ALL the women out there who have a message to share with the world, who are here to inspire others and who have brilliant gifts to offer:

“I became a bit cynical about personal growth work, taking my cues from the academic culture around me rather than listening inward to what I knew to be true. Worst of all, I developed some fabulous “critical thinking” skills but then applied them to my own dreams for my future, playing the skeptic instead of being an ally to myself”

“I watched men move massive amounts of money and see their projects realized – even though they hadn’t done much homework on them – while highly qualified women with important ideas to share stood on the sidelines both because they weren’t listened to and because they didn’t feel those ideas were ready for prime time.” ~ Tara Sophia Mohr

Get the book here:

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