I feel like my creative pipes are clogged. There is a paper jam in my fax machine with the great Goddess … I am overloaded and under written?

No Story
No Story

HA! No Story.

and why not make that the juice of writing?

Life is happening dear friends, all the time.

I have been on the road – traveling and coaching in Europe. There is something about being back home on this Peruvian earth and surrounded by the majestic Apus that just nurtures my every being.

Energy flows where attention goes, we are sowing seeds, with our thoughts, words and deeds.

We are voting our time for all that our life is filled with. Conscious or unconscious. I have been bowing my head low to the Goddess and shifting gears in a new direction.

August is nearing and I feel like this year is coming to an end. Strange? Perhaps.

And it doesn’t really matter. I was singing Christmas carols few days ago and pulled out Christmas place mats for lunch – why not – I said to myself – if the Christmas spirit came to greet you in August, don’t be rude and welcome it.

I am finding that the best thing we can do when we want to do something and it is not moving quite as fluidly as we’d hoped, is to be present with whatever is arising and have it teach you whatever it has to teach you. Do not resist. Be curious!

Surprisingly. I am enjoying this Christmas in August.

…and then yesterday I received a new fax from the astral about the next creative project and I am happily disappointed as it has not much to do with writing at the moment.

So… I am patient. I am receiving my messages from the Goddess in morse code it seems…. a long beeep, an even longer pause and then few short beeps (not enough to hang on and write an article) and then the silence again…


How do you move into the words that want to be spoken?

Listen to the emptiness

I have spent more time with my cat, rolling tobacco, singing mantras, playing guitar and looking in my garden for my malvas I planted 3 months ago (where are they anyways!?) the garden is green.

Take long pauses in the day

I have these moments where I just pause – standing or sitting and I just can not bring myself to move – there is just so much in the stillness communicating to me – it is overwhelming.

Be open for the very new

Usually when I have “nothing” to say/write its because whatever is coming next is so big there are no words for it yet, and while I was sitting last night and listening to music, somewhere between John Adorney, David Visan and Train the obvious next thing dawned on me. It was so easy! It just required some sitting down and being. It was hilariously simple and effortless. There was no struggle with it, I didn’t have to think more about it, process it, analyze it, call anyone for their opinion (btw: I don’t do that, but someone out there might), I was enjoying my home though, really a lot, the energy and space I created.

Nourish the juice

Spent more time being with the Shakti and really calling her towards me with all my might, spontaneous dancing, singing, flower baths, long fires with my teacher, running rivers and overwhelming smell of jasmine trees – frequent loving.

Be clear and concise

I find that fascinating that this place I am in is actually very clear, work is happening, direction is present, I continue my practice, each moment is served to the fullest and the house is clean, and everything is done. Who is doing all of this? Moi?

I am restructuring time 🙂 allowing for the linear to take a second place to the feeling that  is asking to be lived in the moment – WAAAAY more graceful. Days are full.

Why am I sharing this?

Well because there is no story – which is quite hilarious really – and why I feel so full of joy as I write this, just awareness present and ready to respond to each moment as it is showing up.

The so called ‘mundane’ things of life is what I find most sacred and relaxing. Coffee with my sisters, lucuma cream torte and of course peruvian coffee…

Of course, but of course ! The things in life that we love and adore are absolutely non-essential. we can survive without them, yet they make life so vibrant and sensuously yummy…

oh, that thing.

In dedication to healing the feminine I encourage women to learn to do ‘nothing’ while the life is still somehow taking care of itself. I can almost always hear the shock on the other end of the phone line as they have not yet taken on the glorious task of ‘doing nothing’

The best feminine practice. Dance with life.

In my practice of awakening coaching I show people how to be connected with your true nature and how to move beyond the ‘doer’. Profound healing comes to people when they learn to be in the subtle and feel into the nuances of life.

Moreover I noticed that in this shakti mystery there is less attachment – really like the wild river flowing, I mean you have never seen a river ‘hook’ on something – it just flows!

It is the same, I feel less stress as a result, no hooks and no stickiness.

So while you are looking for words to share and a new brilliant topic to write about, tune into the sacred within and share what is simply there without any story 🙂

The next Best thing will reveal itself spontaneously, without any effort.

Artwork: Evita Works

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