Part of living awake balanced life is to have a fluid and kind relationship with the body and its environment. In some ways you already listen to your body, and in other ways you are avoiding your body’s signals.


When you are thirsty you get something to drink, when you are hungry you reach for some food, when you need to nurture the animal needs of the human physicality you reach for most of them.

Yet there are signs of the body that we don’t listen to – we choose to ignore these and pretend they are not there – or give them a ‘story-name’, a qualifying significance as to why it is good they are here and we still ignore them.

~ Welcome Exhaustion ~

There is something very sneaky about tiredness and how it shows up.

In order to really notice it, you must allow yourself to acknowledge that most of our bodies are not so well connected with the mind. What I mean is that we think we can do physically more than we really can. This is also one of the ways that may cause people to get injured when they begin a new physical practice. At the first sign of tiredness it would be as natural to reach for rest as it is to get a glass of water when you are thirsty, yet in our culture filled with dead-lines and mountains of responsibilities we do the opposite, we disconnect from the body and bring ourselves into the mind to convince the body that we are not tired or can push a little bit further – just-to-get-this-one-more-thing-done.

The intelligence of the body allows us to do that in certain situations while maintaining homeostasis, but when it becomes a pattern, habit and brings us to the point of collapse – it is really a time to evaluate things.

It is a game of subtlety. inner resistance. knowing. listening to clues. surrender.

Any human being and every physical body has its limits. Learning HOW to cultivate rest that is deeply felt and experienced can be a daunting practice for some (like me). Yet it is a necessity.

[Tweet “Cultivating rest is as important as tending to all other tasks in your life. Rest is a practice.”]

In a society of achievement and getting-things-done it is imperative to become finely attuned to innermost needs of body and mind. It is also necessary to be aware of how we distract ourselves from feeling what is really happening. We often give glorious titles to our exhaustions and offer it on the altar of service, while the simple truth that we are tired remains untouched. [Tweet “Living awake life means tending to the body and it’s needs.”]

As I pushed myself beyond my edges in my work with either a spiritual label of evolution or service or an unconscious self-punishment, it took me quite some time to realize that suffering does not need to be present in a well-cultivated and awake life.

Suffering is in the mind. Painful events can happen, emotions can be stirred and when felt and expressed fully we move beyond them to the present moment where true-nature resides.

Nature of exhaustion is such that in the long run it will wreak havoc on our entire body/mind/spirit equilibrium.

Adrenal fatigue syndrome, stress, depression, and burn out, are some of illnesses that are a direct result of not listening to the body. Once burnt out and exhaustion set in, it is much more difficult to hear the inner guidance or your intuition – because you avoided the most important step in the first place – to listen to your body.

Ayurveda views all disorders as a mixture of misalignment between the Spirit, body and mind.

When you get to the point that you consistently notice yourself saying: ‘I am exhausted’; this very sign of exhaustion is a message for you to acknowledge – that a different course of action is necessary, it is not a sign to push on further.

For many people (and it was for me too) this has to do with self-care and self-respect. [Tweet “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. ~ Buddha”] Withdrawing our energy from the outside world and going inside to be with yourself can be one of the healthiest things for your body, mind and overall wellbeing.

Learning to manage your relationships, time and work as well as your diet are necessary steps in order to regain balance and reacquaint yourself with the body.

Remember that one of the ways to listen to the spirit means to listen to the body and its needs and clear messages.

As everything I share with you comes from my direct and lived experience, I have walked the edge of burnout for quite some time.

It takes practice, awareness and a shift of focus internally to begin to find other sources of sustainable energy for yourself. The rewards are amazing and the body does respond quickly when we give it a chance. In a long run it improves your relationship with life.

We need to realize that the most important part of managing exhausting is to acknowledge it and to begin to work on the belief systems and points of view that are preventing you from enjoying a sound rest. What beliefs are there in the first place about your life, yourself your work and your support systems that make you choose to push yourself beyond limits?

In my coaching sessions I work with men and women on the shifts it takes to develop a better relationship/connection and understanding between the body.mind.spirit equilibrium. I show you new ways to nurture your body and to develop a better relationship with it as well as to let go of limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Connect with me here. Leave a comment below.

Cheers to the subtle clues 🙂

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