Everything in the world is basically energy. How we move this energy and how we create our lives, is in direct proportion related to WHAT is fuelling us. We tend to crave certain feelings, thus we either create circumstances for these feelings, or we distract ourselves from what is uncomfortable in the moment to change the status-quo. That is far from freedom however. Liberated feelings guide compassion.

Outside of the food we eat (energy), exercise we do (energy) we also have our minds to deal with.

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In Awakening Coaching one of the primary modalities we use are Radical Releases (RR).

This simple tool is designed to help you liberate stuck points of view, limited beliefs, and otherwise remove the resistance to reality, cut the stories.

Why would you want to liberate these inner conflicts?

No emotional Crutches
No emotional Crutches

Because whether you are aware of it or not, these suppressed and rejected feelings (plus the energy invested in keeping them there) are fuelling your life’s energy. Some feelings for some people have fuelled them for so long, they don’t even know what runs them at the core. As a result illnesses may manifest, and life is lived superficially and routinely, rather than ritually.

Resistance is an interesting thing, you either realize that you are resisting something and consciously make the change, or you build up so much (unconscious) resistance that it blows up and you create drama, difficult relationships, or even some repressed or hidden frequencies can create terrible events around people.

We all have these frequencies: anger, greed, jealousy, lack of esteem, judgement, you know your personal faves you don’t want anyone to know about 😉 The points of view: there is not enough, I am not good enough, I am too much, nobody cares, and so on.

Frequencies can also appear positive, yet the strong attachments we have to these frequencies also creates havoc, mostly because the reason we hold onto them is because we are unwilling to look at their opposites. 😉

Sweet Stuff.

I have myself done probably couple hundreds RRs now, and although it was not love at first sight, I swear by it now.

Sometimes when clients do a RR it seems as though nothing is happening. We do a release and we move on.

However during a radical release a LOT of invisible things have taken place.

  1. the frequency is gone, the one that was nagging at you and taking your mind off what you need to do. that one. it is now released and you can feel more freedom and peace in the present moment.
  2. it was witnessed by your practice partner or your coach, meaning that when you are seen into presence you can actually remain there for a significantly longer amount of time. this is a biggie.
  3. you have clearer perspective on reality, can see the situation with new eyes. invaluable thing when needing to make correct and important life choices.

Sometimes outside of the regular radical releases we hit a mega-watt-frequency. Something that was unconsciously driving us becomes now liberated.

Now when a mega-watt-frequency is released there are equal mega-watt-results.

  1. you become acutely aware of this frequency in your life, how it manifests, as a result you can see life with a greater clarity and compassion. You quickly realize that everyone is struggling with it as well, mostly in an unconscious way.
  2. you are fully comfortable with this frequency and no longer have attachment to feeling or not feeling it. That is mostly palpable with big radical releases, as they affect much deeper the energetic body and the psyche.
  3. this frequency is no-longer your invisible fuel for conflicts or energy. Your anger for example is no longer the invisible crutch you rely on to move forward in life.
  4. A frequency is energy, and so you can feel it and sense it when it is present in others (particularly if not liberated), as a result giving you more options to deal with the situations, rather then repeating reactivity, or the same patterns, or ending up in an perplexing entanglement.

Everyone who deeply dives into radical releases and allows themselves to experience the very uncomfortable aspects of their being, they don’t want anyone else to see, gets an immediate relief and a sense of greater expansion and clarity. New thinking-pathways open as a result allowing for greater creativity, love, care and genuine connection.

The bigger teaching in this is: What we resist persists, so why not? Just dive in and explore it fully in a safe and caring environment so the presence and love can return to live you instead of your resistances.

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In coaching clients I give each person individual simple and short practices that help to bring this sense of clarity into daily life, so it is lived, felt and experienced.

Here is to freedom.

Leave me a note below with your questions and comments. What are your favourite hidden frequencies you use to fuel your energy?

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