Through the many things that have happened in the last year, as I was setting up my home in France I was also seeing that there is much of the shadow-mother energy around, within me and also within all others.

I had to muddle my way through some incredibly challenging things in relationships and in finance as my roots were being grounded again in the soil where I came from, Europe.

I was lucky as a child that I grew up and finished my education in Canada and then lived a decade in Peru. When we left EU in the early 90s I never looked back to return until just recently. Much has changed in the EU in the last 24 years 😉 

My intuitive pull to go to Peru when I did and how I did was probably the better decision I made in my life, it has allowed me to move and connect with the healthy Mother energy and to develop parts of my being that otherwise in EU or North America I would have not cultivated. Both locals and foreigners recognize my Latin temperament and I draw abundantly on the energy here as it is my home in many ways.

piotr kulczycki MP
Machu Picchu by Piotr Kulczycki

Peru is very many things, sacred and holy and it has many incredible feminine sites. 

Healing and awakening and transmuting much of the energy globally and otherwise, this place has lands I visited that only see 100 people per year! There are few places like that in the world. The energy is pristine and untouched, the silence pervades to the core.

Besides the sacredness of the land and the ancient energy that it carries, as a developing country, Peru holds very masculine energy. Latin women handle life in a very different way than any other culture I have visited.

During my time here my own masculine energy and masculine ways in which I was raised have helped me to create a life here. After years of working in this paradigm things begun to melt and change. Just like there is a global shift happening there was also an inner shift happening for me and for other women around me. I was getting tired, I made a new commitment to dive into the feminine more fully and allow myself to express that side of me, postponing the masculine use of energy. It is a full-time commitment to a practice and a new way of being. Letting go of the outdated and old paradigms of thinking and behavior while embracing the new vitality and new energy that the awake feminine light wants to bring itself through. Becoming and spending some dedicated time to unlearning for a while was important. Now there is more fluidity to it, and a greater sense of resting in the heart, although there is always more work to be done.

In June I took a group of women to the amazon to experience first hand the jungle, the medicines that it has to offer and mostly the native traditions of the people who live there and who tend to the earth and the plants.

I took them there with my pure intention of sharing the gifts that have so well benefited me and my life in a way of healing and connecting with the essence. The natives are the stewards of the plants and the forest and know and understand things in a different way than we do. Their relationship to each other, food, earth and way of being is much different from our own western cookie-cut-perfect ideals.

During the years I lived in Peru, I spent almost a year in the Amazon cultivating other feminine energies and studying plants. I am grateful that I had this training of the wild. It has connected parts of my feminine psyche in a way that allows me to better listen to my intuition and trust senses. Something extremely important in today’s modern civilization. Amazon is a place of the moment. There is no time in the jungle. Everything is happening now and the medicine of that is strong as it brings up a lot of unseen patterns from our western lives. Amazon feels like a pressure and a release at the same time. The constant sounds of the jungle, that does not sleep are sacred peru background.jpgheard throughout the day and night with added variations of morning birds. This environment helps to release a lot of the western toxicity of busy lives and the sounds help to pacify the mind, mixed with the heat and dense air one can breathe with relief into the embrace of the jungle. The medicine plants that bring healing in the amazon are calling forth the natural defenses that we already have innate in our bodies and allow for the openings in the spirit communication and listening to the inner guidance. Often people are overwhelmed and unable to maintain inner silence within this environment due to all that is coming up for them. Amazon is great in absorbing these and other energies and composting them in the way of healing. The plants and the animals feed on our energy and offer theirs in exchange. 

The work in the jungle with the natives and the energy of the land is much more advanced practice.

I spend at least a month preparing people for the journey so they can feel more relaxed and have a better grasp of what is happening. Still, our western minds have the way of working themselves out in their own unique ways.

Like all things, feminine can be cultivated in many ways. Amazon cultivates a greater sense of the moment and increases awareness where there may have been blockages in the past.

There are many levels of awakening and the feminine within each one of us requires a certain amount of finesse to bring her out. Otherwise, she hides like a wild cat and jumps on you unexpected with all the things and messages you chose not to listen.

In the amazon the feminine can become unexpected in the expression, women sometimes don’t understand why and what is happening with them and are looking into the western thinking for answers to things that are not rooted in the west, but in the amazon herself. It is like being in Paris and looking at a map of Michigan while trying to find a place to rest, not gonna work.

It is the raw vibrant powerful force of the Earth, da Jungle.

After my recent trip to Peru, I am reminded of the balance that life requires. The amazon was like always all that she is in her wisdom, offering and healing guidance. 

As I unexpectedly fell ill I saw this as an opportunity to heal my relationship with my Mama-Energy, the Chilean Elder Mama I have been studying with for quite some time, that knows my family and has done a lot of work with us, women. I dove right into her healing and work in the Sacred Valley in Peru. So full of gratitude for the way the Spirit has guided the whole thing and the opportunity that it has allowed me to reestablish my own vitality and recalibrate my inner world. it has not been easy, it was not fun, I would not repeat the illness the struggles or the difficulties that it all entailed, and it was well worth the healing that emerged and the clarity. Again trusting the feminine and the inner earth movements. 

Now I am so glad that I did see my Mama and could heal, I am so glad that she has done so much work with my family of women. As our relationships that we have cultivated and the studies that I have done with her have helped me a great deal to become the aware woman I am today. Her wisdom and her spirit are so incredibly alive and so connected in the simplicity of Life it is refreshing to be around someone who is this deeply connected to the Heart and Earth. Not to mention a woman who has a degree in Biology and understands plant wisdom and is a mother herself and runs a retreat center and supervises a community of Andean natives. 

La Pachamama siempre cura. ‘The Earth always heals’ as we say in Spanish.

El Espiritu del Paz esta siempre contigo. ‘Grandfather Peace is always with you’ as she explains and teaches with Jungian personifications of energetic, quite in line with my work I am doing with Lama Tsultrim Allione and Feeding Your Demons.

Now this is so important as the mother-energy is the energy of healing and wisdom and until we can move through the shadows of the mother we will always look for validation and we will always look to others for what we do not have.

This for me was most vital in my work with my Buddhist practice and in deepening the work I will now be doing as a Priestess. It allows me to understand the feminine energetics better and refines my work as a medicine woman and a mentor and coach to others. It was a deep dive deepening into the sacred waters of what is to come. The grace and the peace and the new life. Feminine Life. Whole Life. Balanced Life. Friendly Love. 

Energetics of the feminine is very compact. The energetics of women are even more compact if they lead masculine lives [see my reference to the wild cat above] When a woman heals, sometimes things come up to the surface faster than that women can notice or even be aware of, as a result it feels like an explosion of things and it can be both difficult to manage emotionally and otherwise. It is important to be aware of these things and permit the Earth to do her healing. When women become disconnected from their own inner earth [as well as the planet] what happens is they do not know how to sustain their energy alone, they crave the presence of others around in an unhealthy way, they do not know how to move the inner earth and this creates issues in relationships and in the body. The same can happen in the opposite way, this is why the middle way and the inner balance of the elements are very important. We obtain this through practice, meditation, and the right diet, also through cultivating right relationships. 

I will be conducting another trip very soon to Peru, both to see my Mama and do work with her and to spend some jungle time. You can drop me a line here. We anticipate the trip to be in October of this year.


Tara Devi Shakti

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