One of most toxic states of being is indecision.

indecisiveA place where we are struggling to choose between variants and are questioning and doubting what to choose. It consumes so much energy – the place of no decision when one is needed – that it becomes a toxic burden on our mind. One can drive oneself crazy just trying to decide. There are many types of decisions, the daily “what shall I have for breakfast?” type of decisions to “what will best serve my growth and expansion?” to “how can I heal such-&-such in my life?”, or “is this the right partner for me?”

On top of it, you are caught in the ‘game’ of time where we are seeing the days go by and no decision made and you are struggling internally.

So how to make a decision – in the times that are changing and are less than ever providing a ‘secure‘ future, how to make a decision?

1. Complete the uncompleted tasks – if you have things that need to get done that affect your decision making process – get them done as soon as possible – these are energy traps that weigh on you and as soon as they are completed they lift your energy and bring you new openness to the present moment.

2. Move forward with the feeling of joy and creativity – look at the things that you can do in your life that will enhance your day to day state of being, as well as others and that are creative.

3. Be inspired by the pull of your inner longing – not your desires (which stem from lack) – but the driving force (your source) inside you that is moving you forward.

You can always change your decision – but the prolonged state of indecisiveness is fruitless inner struggle.

4. Know the difference between Intention and Expectation. Move with Intention.

Intention – is your complete vision and connection to the feeling of wholeness, peace and what I call the “Inner Yumm” It has no attachment to HOW it is going to happen.

Expectation – is attachment to a particular way in which things are done, show up and the end results.

5. Listen to the silent voice – there is this voice inside of many and in some it is louder that speaks truth and offers guidance – learning to listen to that voice is a key – it is a voice of a feeling propelling you to action to make this world a better place.

6. Gather in community with like-minded people – Its time to be with those who are on the same page as you. Where thoughts, words, actions and energy are aligned.  So if it means getting on Skype twice a week or more to connect with the ones that are dear to you and far – do it. Because they are of like-mind they will have insights and wisdom to offer that is of value and you will understand it easily.

– see if in your close circle of friends there are people who have gone through a similar decision process – they may have wealth of wisdom to share with you.

7. Consult and expert – someone who knows something about the subject matter you are trying to handle – if its life in general – it might be a life coach, if its health – your practitioner of choice, you get the idea. In awakening Coaching I guide people through Radical Releases and into Clear Seeing – where decision making is no longer obscured by the doubtful mind. This allows you to be present as your True Nature and from that space to know what is the next step to take. You can GO HERE to book your free session.

They will have something of value to offer – rather than listening to what they have to SAY, notice what questions they are ASKING YOU – these will be the best clues and pointers in your decision-making.

8. Take a bigger stand – look at your life 50 years ahead – how do you want to feel then?, what do you want to be doing/living/being?, Who do you want to have around you? What quality of experience of life do you want to bring to yourself

These questions/inquiries alone, if you allow yourself to contemplate, will bring you a fresher perspective on your life. If you can’t see that far – it is a good thing to start to journal about it, open your dream mind and see what will emerge.

9. Allow your decision to emerge from you, through your actions – as you are in the process of decision observe where your actions are leading you, in what direction – they are most often inspired by the inner source and will bring the results your soul is wanting to bring forth.

There are many more things that can be done to ease the decision-making process. Each one of the points mentioned can also be expanded into other big sections. Whatever you are trying to decide notice the feeling of joy and ease that those things bring into your life. These will be the biggest markers of whether you are moving in the right direction.

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