We all live our little lives and our bigger lives. Once it is up, once it is down. Once it is a nice costing ride from one edge to the next stop. We interact with all of life all the time. Family, friends, acquaintances, small relationships, and the ones we consider to be important relationships.

So many people in our lives. Wow!

Healthy relationships in business impact us deeply – as we spend a large portion of our life working. Even more so if your work is about and involves people.

I have been working with people for over 15 years.

Relationships in work and life
Relationships in work and life

As a nurse, with people in their worst, dying people, their distressed families, sick people, very scared people, crazy people and overworked stuff and stressed out doctors.

Later on with yoga students and yoga therapy clients and my fabulous co-partner in work.

Then life shifted, doors opened and I moved to another continent. More and way different cultural dynamics had me open eyes to yet another way of feeling and being, outside of my European roots and Canadian upbringing.

I begun doing shamanic circles with wide variety of people.

All of that lead me to become a coach as I deeply and genuinely wanted to connect with people one on one. I don’t do well with crowds and find more value in smaller interactions. It is just the type of work that brings me the most joy.

Now, life has its tricks up the sleeve with much but I always admired the people who took extra care and time with me. Over the years I had my boundaries over-run as I also wanted to give extra to others and I was the ‘rescuer’ in the victim/perpetrator cycle and so I had to learn to re-establish these boundaries. Things improved.

I have been wondering about ‘Big’ people and I find that the best ones connect on a human level, not because they have to, but because they want to.

This leads me to think: [Tweet “Don’t forget about the people in your business.”]

When your work becomes about the work itself (your gift to the world) and you forget about the people who come to this work – hmmm – something has got to shift. We need to be attuned to the people and allow the work to move them, otherwise we will lose all the good ones. It does not matter how good the work is, we all have our quirks, fears and doubts and we all go about lives in our ways, and our work needs to care about people.

Buddha said that the dharma needs adjusting to the current times, that the community is what creates and teaches and the Buddha nature (awakened nature) is already a true seed inside each being. Compassion is what this world needs more of.

There are all sorts of people out there, as one of my teachers says “we all have our shit to deal with”  she also says “on this Earth and human plane there are no masters, just because someone has one eye open among the blind, does not make him/her a king”  yet we can not forget that really and deeply everyone out there wants to be loved and appreciated and understood. It is so simple, and for some very difficult. I am deeply grateful for the people in my life who support me in a felt way, and who offer their love.

See how you cultivate your professional relations, how do you offer your gratitude and joy to these people and how do you show that you care about them.

TIP: I keep in touch with everyone who I work with and friends, it is normal for me when I open my computer to have Skype and iMessages blinking away. As the global connectivity improves and we all live in a small global village (and need to really see it as that) – we can connect with anyone anywhere and it is a good habit to learn to support each other with just a small gesture of kindness.

There is time to be direct and *drum roll please* the ones that are direct from the heart are understood, you know when someone is telling you the truth in a loving way (even if you don’t want to hear it) it is truth and you can feel their care not just for life but for the collective whole.

And you also know when someone tells you the truth just to express themselves without much though to where you are in this moment, what is happening or why you made the choices and decisions you made in the past.

We can process our feelings, we can ride our feelings, we can rest in presence and we can do much – more than we think, and if we are numb to the human condition and don’t have a clue how to extend a hand to another being, we are not helping the awakening, we are in it for our own spiritual gain.

So as this year comes to an end and much has taken place for many – it is good to reflect and ask ourselves what we want to bring into 2015.

What kinds of relationships we want to bring into our lives?

What qualities do these relationships have?

How do we want to be cared for?

What does that feel like?

What does that look like tangibly?

Because [Tweet “You already know what love and feeling loved feels like.”]


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