Thank You for purchasing my book: Resilience through Yoga & Meditation: Inspiring Stories of Bouncing Back from Life’s Challenges.


This is the sign up page to redeem your 1 hour mentoring/coaching session with me.

  • FeminineDuring our time together we will dive deeper into your understanding and connection with Spirit, spirituality & the ebb and flow of life. The tapestry that you are weaving consciously and unconsciously. The habits that are in your life currently.
  • We will take a look at your life and also at the challenges that you have already overcome, and some that are still in the way hindering you from thriving.
  • We will do a short 1:1 ritual to ground your present life success into your body.
  • We will address the main areas of your life where you can give more attention as well as identify areas where you can relax.
  • You will be able to ask me any questions pertaining to your life during out time together to better serve you on your journey to resilience and to bounce back into awakening. Learn more about me here.
  • To Book Your session please go to the online calendar and select best time for you.
  • Fill out this quick questionnaire that will help me to get to know you better and prepare us both for this 1 hour coaching session.

With Infinite Love & Grace

~ Tara Shakti 




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