Have you ever seen a gardener plant seeds without soil? Or a carpenter carve wood with a spoon?

No? I haven’t either. It is because each one of them knows how to prepare the ground for their work and what tools are needed. They understand their craft.

Gardening of your awakening

~ Practical skills necessary to deepen, stabilize and cultivate awakening in daily life.

Gardening your AwakeningI have been reflecting while observing life about the best tools that are necessary in order to truly deeply awaken to one’s true nature and to rest in presence/love.

While I watch people in a hurry to get the latest tools to become present or awakened, they all miss the essence of presence in the very moment as it shows up in front of them.

Instead most people re-arrange the furniture inside the little box they have created (aka: life) rather than to break out of it completely to their inherent potential.

I see now the importance of certain simple skills in order to be able to access and embody awakening.

Depending on each person we may spend some part of our coaching cultivating these simple skills so that awakening/presence can be embodied, deepened and stabilized as a regular part of one’s life.

1. Slow down/Rest/Feel the Stillness inside

When in a hurry to resolve life’s ‘biggest’ problems we may be having at the moment, we overlook what is really taking place. Each moment is a gateway to awakening (not just the ones we have pre-arranged). By having capacity to really rein-in the crazy mind and relax into the body and be there comfortably for a few days, new wisdom emerges. One that is unobscured by the limited mind. You can check out this article on the art of slowing down.

2. Prayer

I have found in my life that those who have deeply been able to connect with a spirit of devotion/prayer open to the True Nature much easier, and as a result can cultivate it easier too.

3. Maturity

In order to be able to reflect on/ask/bring forward life’s bigger questions we need to arrive at a point in life where we want to grow up/mature and move beyond the childish patterns of repressed feelings, our judgements and emotional hooks. We needs to consciously let go of the games we play.

4. Don’t manipulate experiences

People who most easily can ‘drop in’ to their True Nature are connected to innocence – like a child – honesty without much story – They are able to take in their experiences as they arise without resisting what is happening, and without imposing their expectations on the moment itself. Without ‘positive thinking’, ‘protecting energies’, or controlling their energy/mind they simply are present to what is with curiosity.

In Awakening Coaching we go through simple methods where I show you how to let go of the mind’s limiting beliefs so you can be open to life fully.

5. Don’t process life

People who are processing life’s events (beyond the initial understanding/direct experience) create a thicker story/plot of what is happening for them, they get lost in the analysis and in the content of the story rather than to step out into the larger context in which life is unfolding.

6. Don’t blame

It is much easier (although not impossible) 😉 to arrive home in your True Nature when you take full accountability for your actions and your life.

7. Connected with feelings

The most awake people I know are fully connected to their feelings, without any story. They are able to experience what is happening feel it completely and let it go and move onto the next thing, they are not interested in WHY or HOW or WHEN these feelings come or go.

8. Sense of humour

People who live and embody awake life have a healthy amount of joy, not the sarcastic type, the real authentic humour about life’s trials and errors.

In the awakening coaching session we take our time to explore all these areas to look at them carefully and to release any stuck points of view so that the natural ground of being can be exposed and cultivated with ease.

Image: Sandralise

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