So we Pray for One Love,
One Heart, and Universal Mind
To be in balance now and forever more.
To bring awakening to the transparencies,
To bring awakening to the sleeping hearts
To bring the Mystery into the play
Transcending Illusion into the vast space
Beyond the form of all imagination
Lives the Secret of Eternal Love Blossoming
When the Serpent enters its cave of the night 
The music dances the light Awake
and from this Space you and I emerge in Forever Dance.

Religion and Science will never grasp the love’s connection in your eyes, the holy fire that burns in my heart I lay it into your eternal heart. 
For you my love are more and more the Mystery of this universe Unfolds in ways and presence I can not grasp 
In ways and bonds that forever last
No Karma no Dharma and no reprise will understand the world of the Snake 
While shedding skins and kissing Earth, eternally grateful are my ways, 
In which I go and in which I live to bring you all the Peace you believe.
May Holy Fire Burn bright in your eyes 
To light the way in others hearts 
When you awaken my dear Love, 
I, will step into this holy fire
With You Eternally I dance this play, creating it all from Love’s embrace
And Although few will understand, 
They all will come again and again
To witness Mystery’s glaring heart in yours and mine breathing hearts.
I live in heart and it lives in me and that is just the beginning of this Mystery
I love you more than you will ever know, and my love knows that we are whole, beyond all time, space and existence
Love knows no better Heart’s Mystery.

Tara Devi Shakti


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