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Feminine Leadership

Over the last many years I have seen and encountered many leaders [men and women] and there are still many out there that I hope to meet.

In this episode: Why we need leadership? What is leadership? What does it entail to be a leader?

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10 signs of best feminine leadership

1. They are approachable

I am privileged to study with Lama Tsultrim Allione of Tara Mandala before she was officially my teacher I observed closely how she treats her community, stuff and people around her. I observed how I felt after and during her workshop and for a year afterward how it has impacted me and positive life changes. As a result, I decided that she is an appropriate teacher in whom I can not only have respect I can also trust her leadership. I found it fairly easy to be around her and to request a private call.

2. They follow up with community

The best leadership I have noticed are people who follow up and give back to their community. Marie Forleo comes here as a great example {or Danielle LaPorte] of someone who has a very strong team and all her employees are well paid with benefits enjoying the work that they do. Before we can give to others [organizations & donations] we need to look after ourselves and our team/family we work with is the most important to be connected with.

3. They keep the dialog going

When I connect with Buddhist principles – everything is empty in and of itself, meaning there is actually no internet existence and as a result we could say there is ‘no story’. Maintaining this emptiness is the perfect ground for bringing creativity and joy into play.

To maintain this empty ground we need to make sure that there is an honest dialog happening and that there is the connection with everyone who is close to us. The dialog is what keeps our juices flowing and our life meaningful in the work we are doing.

4. They stand for the betterment of humanity

Every leadership that is successful is non-exclusive, meaning it brings in what is around and makes the best of it for the benefit of all. everyone is capable of it and it requires skills to be able to do that, to look so closely at oneself and be able to face the shadow aspects within and create goodness in life.

5.  They all have a good set of core values – that they practice daily. All I have to say is Love better be one of your core values.

6. They are experts in their field, and they collaborate with experts. Whether a coach, a teacher or a mentor, these people have credentials in the work they do and are associated with professional organizations for mutual support and knowledge.

7. They have a good set of boundaries and they know how to push against these boundaries to effect appropriate change. Within boundaries, they know how to apply and use the skills they have to bring out the best in everyone and reconnect people with compassion and their own inherent wisdom

8. They know how to deal with conflict in appropriate loving and compassionate ways

Stuff may come up and so it is very important to have proper tools to know how to address situations with compassion and presence.

9. They have a sense of humor and play with life

10.  They recognize the uniqueness in other people and that they bring and continue to take life as a more of a spiritual research with inspired certainty.

11. They continue to evolve and educate themselves, rather than making life a rigid box they have a deeper playability and flexibility in their viewpoint while recognizing the same access to freedom within each individual.

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12. They embrace Change 

13. They have strong support outside of the colleagues they work with

14. They do their best to take care of their body, and be in balance and harmony with natural world


What is the problem with today’s leadership?

The problem with today’s leadership is that people get lost in pride and ego and materialism – what the Tibetans call – the 8 mundane concerns [8 worldly preoccupations] – they are basically an elaboration on 3 Poisons [aversion, attachment, and ignorance]

The eight worldly preoccupations (or concerns) or samsaric dharmas are where all one’s actions are governed by:

• hope for happiness and fear of suffering,

• hope for fame and fear of insignificance,

• hope for praise and fear of blame,

• hope for gain and fear of loss;

I have to say in my own leadership I have been faced with all of these preoccupations – deeply looking and seeing and feeling these and very often, if not all the time;  I had to make a decision that it is okay to lose everything, or not to have praise or to feel insignificant or to even possibly face a form of discomfort to speak what needs to be spoken. 

And this is not an invitation to more suffering, this is a reminder of what we hold onto as human beings, so that the teaching that is offered is pure and clear, and it is the teaching, not my personality that comes through.

Leadership can be as good as you make it be and as clear as you are in yourself and what you offer.

Who Can be a leader?

  • experts can, people who are seriously educated or have mastered a skill.
  • people can be helpers, assistants until they master a skill
  • You need to have a desire to pioneer and to blaze the trail
  • to really truly be a leader you must have the vision, heart and integrity and a desire to impact change.
  • you have to be a whole lot crazy, [in a good way]
  • Leadership is inherently designed to make changes, maintain what is working well and adjust what is not.
  • leadership is a gift. it is a capacity.
  • as a leader in many ways you are responsible for people’s lives – people are relying on you to show up fully and with integrity – you better show up well.
  • as a result, leaders better know themselves what they are going through, it increases their capacity for compassion.

Want to discover your leadership skills?

To know your leadership arena you need to know what is your unique gift, what it is that you are here to bring to the world, your unique flavor and gift that only you have to give.

As a Certified Awakening Coach, I offer coaching sessions for serious people ready to take the next step and wanting to develop and create projects and work in the world that inspires and makes a difference. Knowing your unique gift and how to embody it in daily life is a step towards embodied freedom and love. Allowing your natural compassion and grace to move through you.

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