One of the greatest journeys in my long path with awakening is that I get to realize more and more how human I am. It is a gift to sit with this wonderment.

Not only that, I am starting to enjoy my human nature.

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Experience All feelings.

Allowing yourself to experience all feelings and learning to liberate limiting beliefs and frequencies is a start of a new relationship with life.

~ Tara Shakti

In awakening coaching we use a tool called Radical Release.

This tool is designed to experience and liberate all and any feelings in the body fully/radically without any story or attachment and then to rest quietly into presence.

What happens is nothing short of a miracle.

As you are reading it you are wondering what it would be like to experience a wide variety of crazy feelings – feelings you have called and labeled as negative and those you enjoy and call positive. Your mind is creating a possible outcomes of having this experience.

Yet the actual liberation comes not from THINKING or analyzing what it would be like, but rather DOING IT, and actually allowing yourself to enter to the very core of a feeling. Particularily these juicy, yummy dark ones we never ever want anyone to see.

When it is experienced completely it is liberated, and when it is liberated, it opens channels for more energy to flow freely, as a result I have observed in myself a greater sense of creativity, completely different thinking and quality of thoughts and an ease to my life that I have not felt before. Moreover it is simply very funny to notice how attached we are to feeling certain things – almost like being ‘pre-programmed’ – once you have liberated a particular frequency, you also begin to approach life from a new vantage point (I mean how many times can you have the same reaction to similar situations? You start getting innovative with yourself.)

This is also the crux, to realize how others have you placed and shelved in their little limited box – as you no longer respond to life’s events in predicted (by others) ways, you may be upsetting some social order. It may be a time for your friends to adjust or for you to find new ones. Either way you see with a sense of humour how stuck everyone is IN A STORY, projections and expectations and how much more FREE you are JUST BEING YOU.

In todays world we experience life often only as black and white and we are so on the go with the many tasks that to actually slow down and F E E L what is happening with us, may seem like a luxury.

For me, I find that dropping deeper into my feelings and surrendering my mind I experience this soulful *sigh* of relief in my body – that indeed I will feel all sorts of feelings as I continue to live my human life. This allows me to rest in a space of curious waiting with life, watching what next thing I will experience, and what creative way I will find to be present with the moment.

Less and less I repress what I feel and more and more I allow myself to just feel the 100’s of feelings that bolt and rush through me daily.

I use this tool with all of my clients to help them liberate limiting beliefs, repressed emotions and to create a greater flow of life. In all aspects of life awakening can be brought in, and when we shed light and bring awareness where there was none before we start to see the life around us in a new way, we have a greater sense of freedom and feel in tune with our potential and our gifts.

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