Blue Dakini

“On a secret level, she is seen as the manifestation of fundamental aspects of phenomena and the mind, and so her power is intimately associated with the most profound insights of Vajrayana meditation. In this her most essential aspect, she is called the formless wisdom nature of the mind itself. On an inner, ritual level, she is a meditational deity, visualized as the personification of qualities of buddhahood. On an outer, subtle-body level, she is the energetic network of the embodied mind in the subtle channels and vital breath of tantric yoga. She is also spoken of as a living woman: she may be a guru on a brocaded throne or a yogini meditating in a remote cave, a powerful teacher of meditation or a guru’s consort teaching directly through her life example. Finally all women are seen as some kind of dakini manifestation.” – Judith Simmer-Brown, Dakini’s Warm Breath (Boston: Shambhala Publications, 2001)

Dakini Wisdom

Here on this page I will posting insights, sharings, quotes, illustrations of the wild-feminine-archetype, the paradoxical nature of the Shakti that pervades all of life. The natural world of the untamed parts of our soul that we so want to liberate and bring into the light.

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CoExisting Sovereignty: What you believe is True for you, while what I believe is True for me. They are allowed to Co-Exist.

When a master of a particular lineage looks around and notices other masters from different lineages, it matters not what path they took to get where they are. What matters is that somehow they all ended up with the same resonant understanding of the Mystery of life. That’s what true Mastery is actually about. Respecting one another is key, we all walk this Earth in our own unique way.
~ Dr. Saida Désilet 




The Tibetan letter TĀM is a symbolic representation of the Green Tara energy. It is good to contemplate this symbol for healing and awakening. You can download for your meditation practice.

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