What is a Modern Dakini Living?

Today’s Modern Women come in all shapes and sizes and poses all sort of radical brilliance and skill.

They are the cutting edge creatrixes of a domain of Alchemy where there lives no hate just Love and Oh… so much vaster than you could ever imagine.

Alchemy is the ancient practice of transmuting things into Gold, whereas in Modern Times it is not just gold, it is Love and Awakening. 

The Modern Day Dakini is a woman of practice and one devoted to the path that emerges from within her as she courageously takes the steps in the world she lives in. She trusts the heart’s wisdom and the inner voice of Love, and the laughter of her belly that shakes the dust away. 

In Hindu Mythology the most devoted and dedicated yogini to practice and to love was Parvati

In Buddhism, the Arya Tara is the practitioner devoted completely to Love and Awakening.

Magdalene brings her openness and radiance of Avalonian wisdom and healing.

Through these feminine hearts, I weave the Myths and stories of the Feminine Brilliance Temple. 


Oh Parvati Parvati!


What a mirror of devotion to understand the science of practice you are.

The mirror of devotional love

Unwilling to settle for anything less than the whole.

The mystical traveler of the cosmic rays of light

within and without

you touch, you study, you go so deep into the waves and caves of the Universal Mind

To understand and to give that which you already are.

Without the beginning and without the end

The wholeness of You, Pravati pervades my every cell of being.

From one star we are.

Practice, holy Practice

~ Tara Devi Shakti ♥ 

The most important thing we can do while alive is to help alleviate human suffering. What we can do is to learn to stop this suffering within ourselves. As a result, we are able to help others on their path to awakening.    green tara.jpg

I believe in a world that is filled with Peace, Love, Affluence, Health, Grace, Beauty & Creativity. Where we all live as brothers and sisters and bring our unique gifts to the world in service and betterment of our planet and benefiting all sentient beings.


We all want to bring in the changes into our lives, we want to create beautiful lives and nourishing relationships, We want to be healthy and feel loved and respected. These are all universal longings that we hold as individuals.

What gets in the way of us accomplishing these things are our resistance to life, erroneous points of view we hold about reality, outdated beliefs. All these amounts to the staggering wall of barriers we create that prevent us from having the life that we want to have.

When we enter into coaching relationships we work on deconstructing these patterns so your authentic True Nature can shine through.


Change happens.

You being to do things you didn’t think of doing before.

You become alive.

New stream of thought comes in

You continue your practice

You relax into life

Grace comes in

You start to embody your longings.

Suddenly you wake up living the life you dreamed of,

All through cultivating greater awareness and practice.


Awakening is subtle, it sneaks up on you when you least expected it.

All of a sudden you understand things you didn’t before,

It is funny to see,

you have to chuckle, if not have a full belly laugh.

It can not be forced,

Like a delicate flower,

it blooms in its own time,

Practice and being in touch with reality

are the tools that nourish awakening.


It is simpler than you think.

It was always here,

It is hilarious,

It is contagious.


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