I wrote this post back in September of 2013 for another blog, it is as applicable today as it was then, and as it will be in the future 🙂 enjoy.

Knowing what you deeply long for, can be for some a tedious discovery – buried under much content from life, the inquiry of a longing may yield an answer such as ‘a new Mercedes’ or ‘a condo by the beach, like my friend got’. These answers however are not your longings. You may be surrounded by people who are living their longings (writers, musicians, artists, dancers, teachers, mothers, poets) and you might think that this is your longing (as theirs is quite contagious). These are desires of a mind that likes to compare, assess and draw-conclusions, the achiever with its own agenda for the next-best-thing. Your longing is much deeper than anything external, and no one out there is living your longing.

Become a monk to your longing

Become a monk to your longings
Become a monk to your longings

A longing is something deeply buried inside of you. We all have them. It is the inner compass that keeps steering you in the next direction, your True North. It is something in the physical body, I can locate it in my heart – it has a certain quality to it, and it just keeps guiding me forward. I know I am off track if I lose the sense of this feeling or if the events in my life all of a sudden don’t quite align.
Once you know what you deeply long for it is now your task to nurture and feed that longing. It will be your internal manifesting compass. All things that are aligned with the longing will keep flourishing and bring more to you, and all others will start to fall away. You are now becoming a Monk to your longing, praying for the longing, breathing into the longing, doing and creating your life with the longing, etched on your heart and illuminating the mind.

A monk spends their entire life in prayer, it is not something that comes and goes or is temporary (at least not in this life time). Theirs is a dedicated effort to prayer ever day. And like that Monk catering to the prayer, you cater to your longing.

Get curious about your longing, get devoted to it. The longing itself holds answers within it. Without the longing you will blindly continue the asleep-journey through your life. It can be a bit scary to realize that you have a longing that is much different from what your family wanted you to be or what your clinging partner wants you to satisfy in them, yet once you realize and connect with the longing there is that magic word: Choice.

It is now your choice to be with it or to ignore it. I suggest you get very curious about it, the rest will flow in a magical and unexpected way. This will equal freedom.

Practice: Sit down in a comfortable place, take some time to tune into the present moment. Grab a piece of paper and your favourite pen. Tune into your heart. Place one or both (better) hands over your heart and feel what is real for you there. If you are not used to doing this you may find yourself feeling awkward or have different emotions come up – feel into it all. Breath deeply into the space of your heart and ask yourself ‘What is my deepest longing’. Keep asking that question until you have a sensation of ‘dropping into’ your heart and your being. When you feel that – you are ready to pick up that paper and pen and write them down. You will be amazed that material objects will not be in the top 5 of your longings. Continue to do this practice daily for a week and you will go deeper into what is the mystery of your own life.

When coaching clients a lot of our focus is spent on connecting with your longings, refining them, releasing limiting beliefs that hold you back and bringing you beyond your mind into the Infinite True Nature that you already are. From there – anything is possible.

Photo: Banhup Teh Photography via Flickr

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