Majority of us live from a place of constant desire.

I would love to have a new car, new sofa, the best relationship, loose 5 kg, get the job I want… etc… However living from a place of desire only creates … more desire.

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If you learn to live from the place of gratitude for all and every thing you do/have in your life you will automatically have more of the things you desire, and you will transform in the fire of gratitude the very things you fear and detest.

Expression of gratitude however is not a blind repetition of a positive thinking ideology, it is an authentic DEEPER look at all the things that come to your life, and I do mean ALL…

Take a moment and take an inventory of the things you have in your life that are working for you and that are great. The house you live in, whats inside it, the relationships you have that nourish you, the work you do, all those things they need your attention. You use them or you participate in their lives (in case of relationships) but have you ever considered what life would be like without them? We tend to notice that we love something, or we need or depend on something when its gone, and then often times in case of relationships we realize that we have not expressed enough gratitude and regret and guilt might set in.

To avoid this all together, realize that everything you have needs its rightful appreciation.

This appreciation/gratitude – needs to come from a place of love and reverence. Gratitude is the 1st of the Pillars of Sweet Life.

In Buddhism when we speak of dharma (the way and its teachings) we often hear of ‘co-depended arising’, meaning there is no one thing that exists independently, everything is dependent on something else. The computer you are sitting at to read this article, was made and put together by countless people: someone thought of the idea, design, then someone else thought of the idea and design for the machines that will put it together, the parts (same thing) and then the final product, delivery of it, shipment and customer service… and we can go much further with this – all the way to the elements that nurture the food these people ate to be in good  sound health to think and create these amazing things – and to you it is just a computer.

Co-Dependent Arising is the principle of Oneness and it is a very important step in seeing gratitude. It gives you a reality-check to notice ‘WOW, I am SO grateful for all I have

Cultivating this mindset and being aware of it all the time inside your own silence is the key to remember gratitude.

However the good stuff is much easier to look at than the difficult things.

When we have something challenging take place in our lives, it is much easier to blame it (internally only – while saying something else verbally, or externally – verbally and mentally), or to find faults in others, or to stuff it down and pretend it is not there.

When we are able to look at the challenges in our life and see them as the gifts and when we chose to open to them in a loving way and see them for what they are – a mirror reflecting something inside us – we have not overcome yet that is when the pure magic of gratitude comes in… that is when you can look at the worst of the worst and not have emotional entanglement with it, and stay in the presence of your own heart and give thanks for the gift of this experience.

In awakening coaching I show you and guide you to understand these principles deeply and with practices such as radical releases I help you liberate frequencies that are holding you back from fully experiencing gratitude for ALL that life has to offer.

After all – this life on Earth is meant to be felt and experienced and we need to come to grips with the fact that there are MANY frequencies and beliefs that are running each one of us. When we are free of the beliefs that are holding us back, we are more cantered in reality and facts and find the joy and pleasure of each moment exactly as it is.

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