Awakening coaching snuck into my life in 2011. It was very unexpected.

For many many years I have always seen myself working with people one on one.

Depositphotos_23652927_sI used to tutor different subject in university and then I used to teach/train new nursing graduates, then I was teaching yoga to groups and privately… and always connected with the archetype of a teacher I was helping and bringing light into people’s lives in many different ways.

I finished my Ayurvedic Healing Course and I though that this will be the end of the holistic education… and then I read Translucent Revolution by Arjuna Ardagh, it was 2009. I was already living in Peru for a couple of years and experiencing fully my expat and otherwise adventurous life.

The book I read really moved me and I begun to follow Arjuna’s blog about awakening. What he was sharing was making sense to me not only logically, it was making sense in my heart.

What was even more impressive to me in a world that is filled with distractions is that Arjuna was successfully married for many years to a beautiful woman who was also a teacher (of the feminine). This was inspiring.

I signed up for a newsletter and lo and behold I received information about the training to become a coach of awakening!

‘Interesting’ I thought, and I enrolled…

This was in 2011 and since then my life has changed in a considerable way.

Lets look at some of the important tools and fundamentals of awakening coaching

Awakening has many meanings in todays society, for me personally awakening means relinquishing illusions and projections as well as limiting beliefs and stories that no longer serve us and stepping completely present and alert into this moment exactly as it is showing up. Awakening has no end, it is not a final destination to be reached or obtained. It is not something that will free you from paying your bills or paint your world in rosy colours, Awakening is a capacity to be playful and fluid with life and as a result to enjoy the mundane activities of life and see them as the details of the much broader picture which is life.

To be awake means to become aware of something that previously was unconscious.

When we awaken we are embodying more fully our deepest longings and we learn to live in alignment with what some call Source or True nature/Higher Self/Buddha Nature, as a result even in an adventurous setting our life takes on deeper meaning and is in a state of equilibrium where there is a proportional giving and receiving (exchange) of energy.

Jeff Foster wrote this freshly down-to-earth piece of prose-poetry about awakening, it rings so very true.

DREAMS OF WAKING UP: I once dreamed That I was asleep And others were awake. 

I felt small, inferior, so far from home. 

I woke up And found myself in another dream Where I was awake And others were asleep. 

I felt powerful, special, so very enlightened. 

I woke up from that dream Into another dream Where I had awakened from all dreams (Even that dream) And others had not. 

I was finished, fully awake, finally home. 

And then I woke up. 

The dreams…

Awakening Coaching focuses on what we call 7 Innate Brilliances. These 7 Brilliances along with powerful questions, custom made practices and other tools lead clients into themselves, finding and discovering answers to life’s issues from within the client.

Where as other coaching models are based on reaching a goal outside of oneself, awakening Coaching is directed on awakening and remembering what you already have inside of you – we dismantle beliefs and barriers, liberate frequencies to fully express the True Nature of each person. In this sense we return Home to ourselves. From this place we can accept and celebrate our own uniqueness and the gifts that we are here to give.

Inspired Certainty

  • absolute knowing that the client is already what they seek to become.

Absolute Presence

  • ability to rest aside internal and external distractions aside.

Radical Awakening

  • asking powerful questions which return the client beyond the mind to who they are and what reality is when unclouded by conceptual thinking and reactive feelings.

Radical Release

  • Lifting resistances smoothly and easily so the charges of many long term held up frequencies or limiting beliefs can be released.

Embodiment/Tailor Made Practices

  • Practices are used to help break through long term patterns and habits to help to antidote or exaggerate them so they become conscious and release their grip.

Unique Gift

  • Clearing the path for clients to allow their uniqueness and their True Gift to flow through them.

Spontaneous Creation

  • Guided creation by the coach so that out of the client being fully present, the client’s outer circumstances spontaneously reorganize themselves to reflect a desired quality or atmosphere.

In a coaching relationship the client has an intuitive knowledge of their direction, goals and visions, together we collaborate on a way to move into and live from the longing, by asking powerful and provocative questions as well as applying some or all of the 7 Brilliances we can help the client realize and utilize the resources that are already there at their disposal, and bring forth the talents and skills and strengths that are already latent within the client.

In this co-creative relationship the client is held accountable and supported, seen and heard and held in an empowering light and respected – led home to their True Nature.

Benefits of Awakening

  • Experience things in life more fully
  • Deeper connection with life
  • Less stress
  • Clearer decisions (freedom from indecisions)
  • More effective and appropriate action
  • Happiness for no reason
  • Living Passion, vision and purpose
  • Effortless Success
  • Natural sense of Inspiration
  • More authentic and connected core Values
  • Freedom from unnecessary suffering
  • Greater Synergy and cooperation in relationships and life

This work is for you if you are a person:

  • Who wants to experience life more fully
  • Who has an intuitive sense of your greater potential
  • Who has an intuitive sense of the limits of the mind
  • Who wants to experience awakening without participating in a guru/teacher/student experience
  • Who is tired of being driven by the limits and stories of the mind
  • who is tired of self-improvements
  • Who is motivated to take responsibility for your own awakening
  • Who is tired of being in resistance to your own experience
  • Who is tired of living in internal conflict

As a result of taking the Awakening Coaching training and becoming a Certified Coach not only am I able to help others, I have been able to heal my own life from very toxic relationships, bring light into areas where previously I have not looked, connect more authentically with my family and friends and bring a very needed grounding and balance into my intense spiritual practice. With a fresh and playful attitude to life even in the midst of challenges I was able to create a beautiful model for living a balanced life – 7 Pillars of Sweet Life

I utilize the Awakening Coaching tools and method to help bring inner alignment and equilibrium into clients lives.

My specialties include

  • Life transitions
  • Healing old relationships
  • Building self-esteem
  • Restorative Feminine Lifestyle
  • Healing post-Trauma
  • Cultivating/Developing an enriching Spiritual and/or life Practice
  • Discovering, Stabilizing and deepening awakening
  • Altered states of consciousness/Grounding shamanic journeys of all type

artwork: Ancient traditional stone figurine by Innervision

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