The Perfection of Wisdom (Prajna Paramita).

This paramita is the enlightened quality of transcendental wisdom, insight, and the perfection of understanding. The essence of this paramita is the supreme wisdom, The Highest That understanding can Attain Beings living-beyond words and completely Call free from the limitation of mere ideas, concepts, knowledge or intellectual. Beyond the confines of limited intellectual and conceptual states of mind, we experience the Awakened heart-mind of wisdom and compassion-prajna paramita.

Pprajna paramitarajna Paramita is the supreme wisdom (prajna) That knows emptiness and the interconnectedness of all things. This flawless wisdom Eliminates all false and distorted views of the absolute. We see the essential kind of reality with Utmost clarity; our perception goes beyond the illusive and deceptive veils of material existence. With the perfection of wisdom, we Develop the Ability to Recognize the Truth behind the temporary display of all appearances.

Prajna Paramita is a result of contemplation, meditation, and rightly understanding the kind of reality. Ultimately, the full realization of Prajna Paramita Is That we are not simply a separate self try trying to do good. Rather, virtuously serving the welfare of all Beings is simply a natural speech of the Awakened Heart. We Realize que la serving one, the one being served, and the compassionate actions of service are all the same totality-there is no separate self or ego to be found in Any of These.

With this supreme wisdom, we go beyond acceptance and rejection, hope and fear, dualistic thoughts, and ego-clinging. We completely Call thesis dissolve all concepts Realizing everything as a transparent display of the primordial truth. If our ego is attached Even to the disciplines of These paramitas, this perception is incorrect and we are going from one extreme Merely to Reviews another. In order to free Ourselves from extreme thesis, we must release our attachment and ego dissolve all dualistic concepts with the insight of supreme wisdom. This wisdom transforms Reviews the other five paramitas into Their transcendental state as well. Only the illumination of supreme wisdom Makes this possible.

This text on the paramitas Was presented by Lama Rabten During His Teachings 2008 in Montreal. Nalandabodhi Foundation.

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