Following the 15 + symptoms of Awake life,

8 essential reasons why YOU Need to Wake UP.

cropped-femalebuddhas.jpgSome essential points to reflect on, where you can bring awakening to your daily life.

Lets face it, we all want freedom, love, peace, joy, connectedness in our lives (and great sex).

Yet often times life falls a little bit short of these things and after a fleeting thought of necessary change about our current state of affairs we settle back into the mediocre version of our life.

Awakening used to be something that we heard of from Buddhist Masters, powerful Yogis and enlightened spiritual teachers, yet in today’s rapidly changing world Awakening is something very easily accessible to everyone. More over it is no longer a luxury it is a necessity.

Taking off the spiritual-glasses, here are some reasons why you need to wake up and how this will affect your life.

1. Regular upsets in your life

We have been conditioned to believe that being upset once in a while is a normal thing, yet that is part of a trap and a story that keeps you stuck and perpetuating this belief. Is this a belief that you want to pass on to your kids? I sure don’t.

Bringing awakening and conscious practice to your life is what frees you of being upset, you stop looking at life’s situations as problems and start to see all things as ‘situations that need your presence and attention’. With the tools of Awakening Coaching we liberate frequencies that have been stuck for years so you can be present and relaxed in your being while participating in life.

2. Projections/Games/Manipulation

The truth is, majority of us have grown up in dysfunctional families, whether we want to admit it or not, as a result we view most of the life around us, not as what really IS happening, but as a reflection of our conditioning – contorted version of our desires, repressed feelings, judgements and fears. These all create a difficult story and create entanglements and drama in our life adding to stress and self-sabotage in our lives.

We become free when we can shed light to the games that we play with ourselves and the manipulations that can be present around us. In the space of absolute presence there is no way to become enslaved in the games of others, we can easily disengage and rest in the stillness, dancing with the fabric of life.

Awakening brought into daily life and our capacity to rest in presence/heart is what allows us to be free from all entanglements, resting deeply in your True Nature you no longer doubt your inner wisdom or guidance – you open to life in a way that is free of reactivity, blame and foster relationships that are based in freedom and respect. 

3. Living on auto pilot

I am very lucky for a life that has manifested around me. Not one of my days is like the other, over 15 years now working with expanded states of consciousness as well as different modalities of awakening I have learned to serve each moment in my life, honoring how I show up with almost no inner-critic in my mind telling me how I ought to be.

One of the biggest symptoms of living in a story is a life lived on auto pilot, where we do not question the things that are around us, motives, intentions, behaviours – doing the same thing over and over again without any emotional engagement or cultivated presence, this not only shuts down your creative flow it makes you a slave to your circumstances rather than a master of your life.

It starts with a longing, and then next we are wanting to break out of the box, often people will try different things to help themselves yet the story and the ‘old’ habits return quickly. To create a life of flow and creativity, we need to first ask ourselves some very important questions such as “What is most sacred to me in my life?”

In awakening coaching I show you and teach you practices custom tailored to you to help you break out of the shell and to help you connect with what lies beyond the mind’s illusions and projections. Living from that space brings an increased flow of creativity and new adventures – you see life as a canvass you can paint on and a beautiful opportunity to expand beyond your edges, with joy and lightness.

4. Victim/Rescuer/Perpetrator/Manipulator

People stuck in a story often don’t want to take accountability for their lives, they are always blaming outside circumstances, people and spirit for their current experience, even if they get it intellectually their life’s actions reflect how they are stuck in a victim role. The endless cycle of rescuing others and a desire to be rescued by a ‘knight in shining armour’, supports only a perpetuation and repetition of the same patterns over and over again.

  • Looking at life in a sober way and learning to say ‘No’
  • learning to ask essential questions,
  • re-establishing your boundaries in a loving way,
  • not wanting to fix the other person,
  • living for what is true in your life,
  • Ending the cycles of manipulations

These are all skills anyone can cultivate with conscious practice and awareness in order to gain a greater sense of freedom in their life. 

For some it can be difficult to understand that there can be a life beyond the dramatic/entangled relationships, where two people (or a community) can live without intrigues to be resolved or where people can honor their freedom in a peaceful, creative, humors way.

5. Co-dependency

As I begun to explain in the previous point, if you see and notice your life is centered on wanting others to fix you or offer you the emotional ‘quick fixes’ that you don’t wish to work on yourself you are stuck in a co-dependency with the other people around you. More over the energy we invest in “looking” for the fix can be invested in looking within, that is a skill that can be cultivated over time.

Living awake life means an ability to care for your life and yourself in a way that honors you and supports you, so sharing yourself with others then is a joy not a burden, you do not ‘carry-with-you’ someone you joyously exchange with them in a mutual space.

6. Feeling of ‘no-control’

Life is happening to you, and often times I hear in the new-age  language ‘this is how spirit guided me’. Well sweetheart. Spirit guides those who are awake, if you are choosing not to take charge of your life and your experiences and your attitude towards life then you are perpetuating an endless cycle of victimization (see point 4). in each and every moment we have a choice as to how we perceive reality and how we perceive

7. Avoiding pain/fear

Although it is natural to avoid pain and difficulties, one of the biggest signs someone is stuck in an epic story is avoidance of fear itself and pain, aka: resistance. People who are ready to be awake know that awakening itself may be breaking a few of their glass towers and are ready to watch them fall. People who are still stuck in an old paradigm will find a million excuses not to feel uncomfortable at all costs and “fluff” their story into a seemingly new experience, until it gets stale again… and we return to patterns.

8. Expectations

Living in a story creates a narrative in your mind, a way things should be, possible scenarios of how things could turn out, aka: Expectations.

When we wake up we stop creating expectations, we connect with our longing, with what is sacred and we are open to each moment – we are present in life and allow the longing to guide us (not the analytical mind), we realize that thoughts are thoughts, and we do not identify with the procession of endless thoughts, emotions arise in the empty space of awakening and also are experienced without attaching meanings or reasons to them.

We unhook.

We awake.

We liberate.

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