Connection & Prayer

Within the natural rhythm of the Earth resides your own pulse of feminine being. Understanding the cyclical nature of life within your own experience of living, allows for a greater sense of ease within relationships and all of existence. Through this deep connection and deep reverence to the Earth we are able to generate infinite energy, a sustainable source of energy, connect with the life force within us. Realize how whole we are onto ourselves, able to share. This allows us to give thanks and ask our Creator for the necessary; here in the ‘mundane’ plane, bridging the gaps between the ‘Holy’ Spirituality and everyday life. Is meditation, prayer new to you? Long to deepen the already strong connection with likeminded women? Create your own altar, incorporate the sacred into daily embodied practice? Discover your own Holy Temple of Sovereign being, I will show you how.

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Feminine Travels, Perú

Drop in deeper into your sacred intimacy of the heart, connect with the womb of the Earth, Reignite your fire, Reawaken what truly matters. This unique opportunity for women only. 8 Days in Peru. This November.
An intimate immersion into the feminine heart, womb, sacred sites and a touch of Inkan luxury, mixed with flower baths, fire circles, and wonderful sisterhood.



Feminine Spirituality

Feminine Spirituality does not need to be complicated. In this 3 Part, 40 Modules home-study program you will be introduced into the feminine side of spirituality. Into Wholeness of Spirit. You will explore & gain an understanding of the 3 popular traditions, Christianity, Buddhism & Hinduism. Through these traditions you will see the bridges and connectivity in the Feminine Archetype of Spirituality and you will be lead to explore these in your daily life. Embracing Modern Dakini Living, and what it entails. You will be presented with many thought provoking questions that will help you bring the merging of the Feminine Spirit and help you see Her in everything around. Through the various wisdom elements and tools She offers, you will be guided to look into your own feminine life and see how to activate these parts, overcome certain patterns, and bring wholeness into your own natural feminine brilliance. With easy to follow steps allowing more healing and bringing out your natural presence & wisdom. What does it mean to be feminine? Discover how to live embodied Spirituality through the mystical symbolism & teachings of Mary(Magdalene), Tara, & Adi Parashakti. Practices, chants, prayers, teachings, mp3, and videos.
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